Stora boken om LasseMajas Detektivbyrå

Stora boken om LasseMajas Detektivbyrå The Big Book about The JerryMaya Detective Agency

The JerryMaya Detective Agency #

The children’s favorite, The JerryMaya Detective Agency by Martin Widmark and Helena Willis, turns 20 years old!

This massive anniversary book is full of lovely illustrations and everything you could ever want to know about the town of Valleby and its two immensely popular detectives, Jerry and Maya. Exciting facts and details about the town’s inhabitants are mixed with a guide to all the mysteries, a tour of Valleby’s prison, and the story of how it all began. The book also includes fun activities such as a Valleby quiz, a course on how to be a detective, and a personality test.

All in a large and luxurious anniversary book, beautifully bound and with details in gold. A must for all JerryMaya fans!

Martin Widmark
  • Children's
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Poland, Wydawnictwo Zakamarki

Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

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