Wonderful reviews for ‘The Truth Will Out 2’

The Truth Will Out 2 premiered this weekend on Viaplay and promptly received rave reviews in the press, which laud the second season as even better than the first. The crime drama series is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and is written and created by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind.

The Truth Will Out 2 gives us this year’s best Swedish TV season so far. /…/ Robert Gustafsson continues to deliver on the highest of levels, in what is without a doubt one of his career’s best and most gripping roles. The Truth Will Out season two raises the stakes also for its other characters, in what is both an impressive and cathartic manner. /…/ To conclude: When all the actors’ impressive performances are paired with a (from beginning to end) well-written script […] The Truth Will Out 2 succeeds in standing out from the crowd in the otherwise so crowded crime genre. There is no doubt that Peter Wendel’s story is time well spent before the TV.”
Filmtopp, Sweden

“Freed of excessive motions, [The Truth Will Out 2] stands out from the crowd thanks to how different it feels; angsty, subdued, controlled, believable. A big part of the reason why the series works as well as it does is Robert Gustafsson, who is once more phenomenal in his role as the cold case group’s sorrowful, head-strong and at times easily distracted leader, Peter Wendel. /…/ Also Ia Langhammer’s for the genre rather odd character, Barbro Svensson, is an important puzzle piece. /…/ The five episodes leave you hungry for more. Here’s hoping there will be.”
Aftonbladet, Sweden

The Truth Will Out 2 is even better than its first season.”
Expressen, Sweden

“Horrific scenes are woven together with both suspense and humor in a genius way. Robert Gustafsson performs his life’s best role as the distracted and resigned workaholic [Peter Wendel]. /…/ The television series keeps the standard high and is hands down one of the best contemporary Swedish crime dramas there is.”
Cinetaste, Sweden

‘1795’ published in Sweden

1795 is the third and final part of the Bellman noir trilogy.

Like a wounded animal, Tycho Ceton prowls the city, working on a scheme to reclaim the honor that was taken from him. He will cause a such a spectacular and shocking mayhem as no one has ever witnessed before in this wondrous and foul city of Stockholm.

Emil Winge is determined to stop him. But he can sense how the support for his hunt is fading. The paranoid powers that be have more important things to do, and his partner-in-arms, Mickel Cardell, is preoccupied by his own search for Anna Stina Knapp, who went missing after the death of her children.

Jo Nesbø and Liza Marklund No. 1 in Sweden

Jo Nesbø and The Kingdom claim thet No. 1 spot on the paperback bestseller list in Sweden also this week. Liza Marklund similarly maintains her hold on the e-book list, where her The Polar Circle is No. 1.

‘The Jealousy Man and Other Stories’ No. 1 in Serbia

Jo Nesbø’s The Jealousy Man and Other Stories is No. 1 on the official Serbian bestseller list.

Peter Thorsboe & Mai Brostrøm bestowed with the Danish Writers’ Guild’s Honorary Award

Founded in 1906, the Danish Writers Guild is a trade union for playwrights and screenwriters in theatre, radio, television and film. Each year the guild hands out an honorary award to those who have particularly excelled in their field. This year, the winners are Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe. Together, Brostrøm and Thorsboe have written over 200 hours of prime time television, aired not just in Denmark but also beyond its borders.

‘St. Avenger’ published in Norway

When the badly battered corpse of what is presumed to be police officer Simon Bergeland is discovered buried in the sand dunes of Stavanger’s local beach, Thorkild Aske finds himself returning to the city haunting his dreams in search of answers. Stavanger is where it all went to hell; where he lost Frei and his job at the Special Unit. Simon Bergeland, Frei’s lover, was to blame – but has remained missing ever since that fateful day. Soon, it emerges that the events of the past were nothing like Thorkild thought, and when the threats towards him amass it stands clear that his return to Stavanger isn’t simply unwanted – it could also cost him his life.

St. Avenger is the thrilling fourth installment in Heine Bakkeid’s lauded series about the tormented and sardonic former interrogator Thorkild Aske.

‘Operation Witches’ Cauldron’ published in Norway

Tiril, Oliver and Ocho are all geared up for Riverton Theatre’s grand Halloween party. In front of the theatre, a large witches’ cauldron has been put out to be used as part of a fundraiser. Normally, it’s locked shut with a solid padlock. Now however, someone has broken the lock yet left the cauldron brimming with money. So why the effort to crack the lid open? Tiril and Oliver set off to search among scare crows, bats, skeletons, vampires, ghosts, witches, mummies and monsters in order to solve the mystery.   

Operation Witches’ Cauldron is the twentieth installment in the Detective Agency No. 2 series.

‘A Will to Serve’ published in Norway

A car abandoned by the roadside, slowly disappearing from view as a heavy snow continues to fall. Inside the vehicle waits the answer to a complex murder mystery still waiting to be solved.

William Wisting is contacted by the leader of an online group dedicated to solving a murder case together: the death of the Australian backpacker Ruby Thompson. One of the more active members of the group, Astria, claims to hail from Norway. But just as Astria announced to the others that she’s getting close to solving the mystery, she went offline, and no one in the group has heard from her since.

Wisting is reluctantly fascinated by the unorthodox investigation. Soon he finds himself knee-deep in a case where the connections and leads are many, but their natures uncertain.

A Will to Serve is the fifteenth installment in Jørn Lier Horst’s series about William Wisting.

Gustav Möller and Oskar Söderlund to make ‘The Dark Heart’ for FLX/Discovery+

Director Gustav Möller and screenwriter Oskar Söderlund have paired up to craft a psychological thriller, The Dark Heart, for FLX/Discovery+. The Dark Heart will be Möller’s first long-form scripted content following his acclaimed debut feature The Guilty, whose US remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal is currently under the spotlight in Toronto. Söderlund (Snabba Cash, Rebecka Martinsson, Greyzone) is the head writer of the five-episode series.

The Dark Heart is an intense psychological thriller about an old family feud and forbidden love that leads to a tragedy. The series is based on the bestselling non-fiction title The Dark Heart – A true Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigation by Swedish crime reporter Joakim Palmkvist, which delves into a real-world murder case that left a small rural community of Småland in shock in 2012. The twist in the story is that the investigation was led by a Missing People volunteer who started to research the case and eventually solved the high-profile murder of local farmer Göran Lundblad.

The Dark Heart will premiere on Discovery+ in 2022.