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The weekly Swedish bestseller list

The just published Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii by Måns Mosesson enters the official Swedish bestseller list at No. 1 in both the hardcover non-fiction and audio category this week. Johan Theorin’s Weathered Bones, also just published, claims the No. 2 spot in hardcover fiction and comes in at No. 3 in e-book. Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man grabs the No. 1 spot on the paperback list, while Kristina Ohlsson’s Icebreaker stays firmly put at No. 1 in the e-book category for the third consecutive week. Anders Hansen’s Brain Blues comes in at No. 2 in both hardcover non-fiction and audio and climbs to No. 4 on the e-book list this week.

‘It Takes Two’ nominated for the prestigious Game Awards

The co-op platformer game It Takes Two, co-written by Soni Jorgensen and Josef Fares, has received fantastic reviews and is now nominated for the Game Awards. The award show is often referred to as the Oscars for gaming. It Takes Two is nominated in five categories, including ‘Game of the Year’ and ‘Best Narrative.’

It Takes Two by Hazelight Studios and publisher Electronic Arts is a wild action-adventure that explores themes such as relationship dynamics and divorce with playful humor and a touch of darkness.

Teaser trailer premiere for ‘Anxious People’

The TV-series based on Fredrik Backman’s bestselling novel Anxious People has received a premiere date. Along with the announcement, Netflix has released a teaser trailer and first-look pictures.

The anticipated series will premiere on December 29.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Anders Hansen’s Brain Blues continues to top the official Swedish bestseller list for hardcover non-fiction, coming in at No. 1 for the third consecutive week. Kristina Ohlsson’s Icebreaker sits steadily at No. 1 on the e-book list and No. 2 on the hardcover list also this week, while Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1795 comes in at No. 3 in hardcover.

English language translation of ‘Anxious People’ shortlisted for The Bernard Shaw Prize

The Society of Authors, UK’s largest trade union for writers, illustrators, and literary translators, has announced their shortlist for its annual translation prizes. Neil Smith’s translation of Fredrik Backman’s Anxious People is one of six titles shortlisted for The Bernard Shaw Prize.

The Bernard Shaw Prize is triennially awarded to an English translation of a full-length Swedish language work of literary merit and general interest. The winners will be announced February 10, 2022 in an online celebration.

Kiefer Lee;Annika Marklund; Stellan Herner; Linnéa Jonasson Bernholm; Stefan Tell; Thron Ullberg

The Adlibris Awards 2021

The nominees for 2021’s Adlibris Awards have been announced. Adlibris is the leading book retailer in the Nordics and the Adlibris Award was founded in 2019 to celebrate the site’s greatest titles. The 10 nominated titles in the 9 respective categories have been selected by a jury of Adlibris employees from all works published in 2021.

Fredrik Backman’s The Winners and Jonas Gardell’s A Happier Year are shortlisted in the ’Fiction’ category.

Amongst the nominated titles in the ‘Crime Fiction’ category are Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1795 and Liza Marklund’s The Polar Circle.

Måns Mosesson’s just published Tim – The official Biography of Avicii is nominated in the Non-fiction category.

Two titles by David Sundin are nominated in the ‘Childrens’ category – The Book That Really Did Not Want To Be Read is shortlisted for ‘Children’s 0-6’ while his upcoming Trollformler och besvärjelser is nominated for ‘Children’s 6-12’.

Fans have until December 8 to cast their votes in each respective category. The winners will be announced on January 25, 2022.

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Photo credits: Kiefer Lee; Annika Marklund; Stellan Herner; Linnéa Jonasson Bernholm; Stefan Tell; Thron Ullberg

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‘Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii’ published in Sweden

The intimate biography of the iconic DJ who was lost too soon.

Like a firework against the night sky, the DJ and producer Tim Bergling exploded onto the music scene. A musical visionary who, through his sense for melodies, came to define the era when Swedish and European house music took over the world.

But Tim Bergling was also an introverted and fragile young man who was forced to grow up at an inhumanly fast pace. After a series of emergencies resulting in hospital stays, he stopped touring in the summer of 2016. Barely two years later, he took his own life.

Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii is written by the award-winning journalist Måns Mosesson, who was given unique access to Tim’s own notes, as well as interviews with Tim’s family, friends and colleagues in the music business. The book paints an honest picture of Tim and his search in life, not shying from the difficulties that he struggled with.

‘Weathered Bones’ published in Sweden

A man lays down a garland of roses on a desolate Öland beach, only to moments later die in a sudden rock-fall. When police officer Tilda Davidsson lifts the garland, she discovers bone remains from a man that was last seen alive in the company of Tilda’s relative, the 86-year-old skipper Gerlof.

Gerlof is sickly and feeble, but is nevertheless forced to investigate why an old tragedy still has the power to instill fear and hatred. Hatred so strong that the murder on the beach is just the beginning.

Weathered Bones is the fifth installment in the internationally bestselling Öland Series.

Ahnhem and Holt on the weekly Norwegian bestseller list

Stefan Ahnhem’s The Final Nail continues to feature on the official Norwegian bestseller list and claims the No. 1 placement on the e-book list for the third consecutive week, while also grabbing No. 4 on the hardcover fiction list for the second week in a row. Anne Holt’s The Eleventh Manuscript keeps its No. 2 spot on the e-book list.

Kristina Ohlsson and Anders Hansen No. 1 in Sweden

Kristina Ohlsson’s just published Icebreaker, the second installment in her August Strindberg-series, enters the official Swedish bestseller list for ebooks at No. 1 and the equivalent for hardcover fiction at No. 2 this week. Anders Hansen’s Brain Blues stays firmly put at at No. 1 on the non-fiction list, while also claiming the No. 1 spot in audio.