LasseMajas sommarlovsbok: Kung för en dag

LasseMajas sommarlovsbok: Kung för en dag JerryMaya’s Summer Holiday Book: King for a Day

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Did you know that every year, Valleby draws lots to decide who will be King for a Day? The lucky winner gets to decide everything that will happen in the town of Valleby during the entire day. And this year, postman Franco Bollo is crowned king! He promptly decides that everyone must join his noise-orchestra. Soon the whole of Valleby is clanging, banging and stomping along in a great big parade!

In JerryMaya’s Summer Holiday Book: King for a Day, you will find, together with fun tips on activities and crafts, a brand-new case for Jerry and Maya. Learn a delicious recipe from Dino and Sara at the Valleby cafe, find out how to make your own musical instrument, look out for cows, and test your Valleby knowledge in a brain-busting quiz.

Martin Widmark
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