LasseMajas sommarlovsbok: En dag på stranden

LasseMajas sommarlovsbok: En dag på stranden JerryMaya’s Summer Holiday Book: A Day at the Beach

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Schools out – it’s summertime! Every year when the summer holidays begin, the people of Valleby gather and celebrate at the beach. This year the police chief has even renovated the bathhouse. Jerry, Maya and Miranda participate in the annual sand castle competition and Maya is the winner! But Muhammed Karat is missing…

In this activity book you will also find lots of fun tips on activities and crafts perfect for summer. Ideal reading on the beach, in the car, or at camp – a great mix of fun activities, crafts, and a brand-new case for Jerry and Maya.

Martin Widmark
  • Children's
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Swedish edition

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China, Booky (Simplified Chinese)

Estonia, Egmont

Finland, Tammi

Germany, Verlag Ueberreuter

Norway, Cappelen Damm

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