Detektivmysteriet The Detective Mystery

The Whodunit Detective Agency #29

A new detective is in town! When a valuable picture is stolen from Valleby’s museum, star detective Torkel Nööt turns up out of nowhere. He seems to know all about Valleby and his detective skills seem even sharper than Lasse and Maja’s! Soon Torkel Nööt has identified the picture thief and become a favorite with everyone. Even the police chief is convinced by his self-assured approach and, muttering to himself, he arrests the suspect. The only ones who don’t allow themselves to be charmed are Lasse and Maja. Are they just jealous or is there something fishy about the star detective? Why does he know so much about the Valleby residents’ lives? And how can he solve the case so incredibly quickly? But everything does seem to be going so smoothly…

Martin Widmark and Helena Willis bestselling The Whodunit Detective Agency series has sold over 12 million copys worldwide. Meet Lasse and Maja, who runs a small detective agency together, in a series of puzzling mysteries for primary school readers. The stories are set in and around the small town of Valleby, and have a rich gallery of characters to be captivated by on the exciting road to solving the mystery.

The Detective Mystery is the twenty-ninth installment in the series with Lasse and Maja.

Martin Widmark
  • Children’s
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