Nelly Rapp och varulvarna

Nelly Rapp och varulvarna Nelly Rapp and the Werewolves

Nelly Rapp, illustrated by Emil Maxén #3

Nelly Rapp and the Werewolves is the third stand-alone book in Martin Widmark’s cozy-spooky series about monster agent Nelly Rapp, richly and humorously illustrated in color by Emil Maxén.

Nelly Rapp has received orders from Lena-Sleva to assume readiness “W3,” where W stands for Werewolves, and 3 for the highest level of alert! This means that the full moon will soon be here, the time when certain creatures transform from ordinary people into deadly, bloodthirsty beasts! And when Nelly meets the quiet dog handlers Ralf and Vanja, Lena-Sleva’s warnings ring in her ears. The pair walks slightly hunched forward, breathe with their mouths open, and wear sunglasses regardless of the weather… Nelly must act with Calmness, Cleverness and Cunning because soon it may be too late… Spooky, funny, and easy to read for beginner readers.

Martin Widmark
  • Children's
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Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

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