Kleopatras trädgård

Kleopatras trädgård Cleopatra’s garden

David & Larissa #6

Under threat, David and Larissa are drawn into a secret cult that is frantically trying to save the world. Its members seem ready to loot historical monuments, even walk over dead bodies, to bring forth their updated version of Christianity, 2.0. David and Larissa have accompanied their old friend Melkior to Rome where new hot archaeological finds are to be presented: large marble blocks belonging to the ancient city map of Rome. The findings not only attract researchers and the global press, but also a fanatical religious cult. With the help of these new map fragments, they are hoping to find Caesar’s summer villa and, above all, the enormous amounts of gold that Cleopatra is said to have buried in the garden. Otherwise, their grand plans are overturned: to balance out the injustices in the world with the help of the gold. The cult members plan to use Melkior and his two “assistants” as hostages in order to achieve their goals. The trio is soon lured down into Rome’s catacombs by a guide. The winding journey turns out to end with a meeting with the cult’s obsessed leader – behind locked doors …


 David & Larissa is a series of books by the highly successful author Martin Widmark, with a scientific element, aimed at a slightly older age group. The main characters are drawn into adventures which bring them up against existential questions about life, death, growing older, time, morality, and the possibilities opened up by the latest DNA technology. Skilful and versatile illustrator Katarina Strömgård has produced the expressive illustrations which perfectly capture the characters and their surroundings.


  • “In an excellent collaboration with Kristina Nilsson, who is an authorized Rome guide, and Katarina Strömgård, who always makes illustrative pictures for these books, Kleopatra’s garden provides an exciting and enriching reading time. /…/A great but not completely uncomplicated story with a smoothness to the text so that you are constantly driven to keep reading. ”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “It’s exciting right from the get go when David and Larissa are drawn into a secret cult where the members intend to loot historical monuments. ”

    Norra Skåne, Sweden

  • A thrilling story takes shape. /…/ Very exciting for all the history buffs.

    Varbergs Posten, Sweden

Martin Widmark
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