Nelly Rapp och de små under jorden

Nelly Rapp och de små under jorden Nelly Rapp and the Gnomes in the Basement

Nelly Rapp, illustrated by Christina Alvner #16

During their training to become monster agents Nelly and Valle have been told that gnomes and goblins only exist in people’s imaginations. In this adventure they get the chance to find out if that’s true – or if the old folks at Kulturgården are right when they claim that it’s gnomes who are stealing and messing everything up at the retirement home.

Nelly and Valle are visiting Valle’s great grandpa Gunnar who lives at Kulturgården, a popular retirement home with a beautiful garden and stimulating activities for its elderly residents. But Nelly and Valle have hardly set their foot inside before they notice that not all is quite as it should be. The garden is overgrown, dishes are piling up in the kitchen, there are cobwebs in the windows, and the manager of the home seems tired and grumpy. And worst of all, the residents just sit sleeping in their armchairs the short time they are up during the day. Even great grandpa Gunnar, who was always so energetic…

Is all this because of the gnomes? They are said to be behind all the thefts of round items as of late, at least. Or is it someone else responsible all this unhappiness? Nelly and Valle realize that they must fine-comb each and every part of the house to discover if there are small folk afoot, and discover what the manager is really up to.


  • “[Nelly Rapp and the Gnomes in the Basement] is full of speed and makes you want to keep on reading to find out what happens next. It has just the perfect balance between funny and scary. It’s easy to read and contains funny and detailed illustrations. Nelly Rapp and the Gnomes in the Basement is perfect for reading aloud and for elementary school children to read by themselves.”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “Widmark and Alvner hit the right note with this humoristic and exciting adventure, rooted in this world, but with supernatural elements. /…/ The adventure is witty, funny and clever with monster agent Nelly Rapp!”

    JPS Media, Sweden

Martin Widmark
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