Cykelmysteriet The Bicycle Mystery

The Whodunit Detective Agency #22

Who is the rightful winner of Valleby’s bicycle race? It seems that all the contestants are very likely to have cheated. The first person to cross the finishing line at the big square in Valleby is to win a gold medal. And 10.000 kronor. All contestants seem to be sure of winning when being interviewed before the competition, and during the race they don’t seem to fear any means to win. But how badly are you allowed to behave to get to the finishing line first? The police chief doesn’t follow and gets quite confused before the distribution of the prize. Luckily Lasse and Maja are there. Lasse as one of the contestants and Maja as a tough trainer and observer. Together they put two and two together…

Martin Widmark and Helena Willis bestselling The Whodunit Detective Agency series has sold over 12 million copys worldwide. Meet Lasse and Maja, who runs a small detective agency together, in a series of puzzling mysteries for primary school readers. The stories are set in and around the small town of Valleby, and have a rich gallery of characters to be captivated by on the exciting road to solving the mystery.

The Bicycle Mystery is the twenty-second installment in the series with Lasse and Maja.

Martin Widmark
  • Children’s

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