Nelly Rapp och häxornas natt

Nelly Rapp och häxornas natt Nelly Rapp and the Night of the Witches

Nelly Rapp, illustrated by Christina Alvner #15

Nelly and Valle know how to tackle monsters and other dangers with the help of Calm, Cleverness and Cunning. But these “three C’s” can hardly measure up to the powers of a true witch master. Can their new knowledge of magical herbs – and their astounding effects – stop a witchery-savvy count from making his ice-cold plan reality?

Nelly and Valle attend a course at the Monster Academy during Easter break. Empowered by their new monster knowledge, they make their way into the witch master’s castle where a dinner reception is underway. It’s an annual event where it is alleged that the witchery-savvy count lures angry and dissatisfied women to come to Blåkulla, where they are turned into witches – all in order to create a better world on earth for themselves and their kin…

Will Nelly and Valle succeed in stopping the witch master from realizing his icy plan? It will be an extra nerve-wracking mission for the monster agents as their teacher Lena-Sleva is part of the count’s chosen band of angry women this year…

Martin Widmark
  • Children's
Rights sold

Norway, Cappelen Damm

Poland, Wydawnictwo Mamania

Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

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