Berättelser från Valleby: Det mystiska brevet

Berättelser från Valleby: Det mystiska brevet Stories from Valleby: The Mysterious Letter

Stories from Valleby #1

A new fun story from the world of JerryMaya!

Everyone knows about JerryMaya’s detective agency, which has solved mysteries in the small town of Valleby for more than 30 books. But there’s so much more going on in Valleby than just crime! Read the first part in a new series of books where Martin Widmark and Helena Willis present stories with a focus on humor and pranks.

In The Mysterious Letter, we meet the clever Bacon brothers, who must help postman Franco Bollo deliver a letter. Who among all the kooky Valleby residents is the recipient – and what does the mysterious letter contain?

The Mysterious Letter is written for beginner readers, even more so than the JerryMaya mysteries, and is illustrated with large color images on each spread. Perfect for reading alone or together!


Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best Children's) Sweden 2023
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  • “[It’s] a happy and pleasant surprise when a popular and familiar concept is used, but done in a slightly new way. Here the authors turn to a somewhat younger target audience, with more and larger illustrations and an even easier to read text. /…/ An easy-to-read story with a happy ending. Good to read alone or together. ”

    BTJ, Sweden

Martin Widmark
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