Silvermysteriet The Silver Mystery

The JerryMaya Detective Agency #27

Outside Valleby’s church there is an extensive excavation, for two weeks the archeologist Sofia Winge and her assistant Waldorf Eriksson have dug feverishly to see if there is something valuable hidden in the soil. On the last day of the excavation, they finally make a bargain: lots of silver coins! Probably from the Viking Age. The next day, traces of intruders are discovered. Nothing seems to have been stolen, but there are plenty of footprints in the moist soil. One in size 35, the same size as the priest’s, whose boots have just been stolen. There is a lot to dig into here for Jerry and Maya who know how to pry up unknown connections.

Martin Widmark and Helena Willis bestselling The JerryMaya Detective Agency series has sold over 12 million copys worldwide. Meet Jerry and Maya, who runs a small detective agency together, in a series of puzzling mysteries for primary school readers. The stories are set in and around the small town of Valleby, and have a rich gallery of characters to be captivated by on the exciting road to solving the mystery.

The Silver Mystery is the twenty-seventh installment in the series with Jerry and Maya.

Martin Widmark
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