Simona Ahrnstedt

Simona Ahrnstedt (b. 1967) was born in Prague and moved to Sweden with her parents at a very young age. Besides being one of Sweden’s best-selling authors, she is a licensed psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist. Ahrnstedt’s rich and captivating character depictions, paired with her provocative and daringly executed plots, breathe life into the now rapidly growing genre of Scandinavian women’s fiction. Alongside her role as novelist, Ahrnstedt is a spokesperson for books by women, for women and about women.

“I am IN LOVE with Swedish author Simona Ahrnstedt’s books.”
Marian Keyes


Shortlisted for the Mofibo Awards (Best Romance) Denmark – Bara lite till Just a Bit More 2021
Feelgoodfredag (Best Romance Novel ) Sweden – Med hjärtat som insats Hearts on the Line 2020
Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best Fiction) Sweden – Med hjärtat som insats Hearts on the Line 2020
Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best Fiction) Sweden – Bara lite till Just a Bit More 2019
Shortlisted for LovelyBooks Leserpreis Germany – De skandalösa The Scandalous 2019
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Stefan Tell; Kiefer Lee; Kate Gabor Photo: Stefan Tell; Kiefer Lee; Kate Gabor

Natt och Dag, Hansen and Ahrnstedt on the October bestseller lists

Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1795 claims top placements on the official Swedish bestseller lists for the month of October across all formats, coming in at No. 1 on the hardcover and e-book list and No. 2 on the audio list. Anders Hansen’s Brain Blues, published only three days before the end of the month, grabs the No. 3 spot on the non-fiction list, while Simona Ahrnstedt’s The Queen of the Night takes the No. 5 spot on the e-book list.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1795 continues to top the official Swedish bestseller list for hardcover fiction, keeping its No. 1 spot for the third consecutive week. Simona Ahrnstedt’s just published The Queen of the Night enters the e-book list at No. 4.

‘The Queen of the Night’ published in Sweden

Kate Ekberg is a star. She has single-handedly created the immensely popular night club Kate’s, which is on everyone’s bucket list. She’s a glamorous, tough, and savvy business woman. But no one knows that she is also in the grip of a blackmailer.

Outwardly, Jacob Grim is an uptight bank manager complete with a stern look, double-buttoned suits and sober ties. Ever since a tragedy unfolded ten years back, he has forced himself to suppress all emotions. It’s been working fine, until he comes across a desperate Kate.

Something occurs in the meeting of these opposites: the charismatic nightclub icon and the closed-off bank man. They are thrown into a whirlwind passion that changes everything and suddenly there’s a promise of something more. If they dare to do the most difficult thing: be vulnerable.

The Queen of the Night is a feelgood love story about falling for your complete opposite against all odds and re-evaluating everything you thought you knew in the process. The book is the fourth installment in the stand-alone series Opposites Attract.

The Mofibo Awards 2021

The Danish audio and e-book service Mofibo has announced this year’s nominees in the Mofibo Awards. The awards are split into six categories: Crime & Suspense, Fiction, Romance, Non-fiction, YA, and Children’s books.

Competing for the title of Best Crime & Suspense are: Katrine Engberg with Isola, Lars Kepler with The Mirror Man, Jo Nesbø with The Kingdom, and Stefan Ahnhem with X Ways to Die.

Annette Bjergfeldt’s debut title When Life Gives You Hippos is in the running for Best Fiction, while Simona Ahrnstedt features on the Romance shortlist with her Just a Bit More.

Lastly, the YA and Children’s categories see Lise Villadsen and Don’t Fall, Don’t Drown, Don’t Die and Bobbie Peers and The Explorers’ Club and the Turtle Cannon each grab a spot on the shortlists.

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The Storytel Awards 2020

The nominees for 2020’s Storytel Awards have been announced. Previously known as the Grand Audiobook Prize, the Storytel Awards have been handed out to the best audio books in Sweden since 2007. The awards are split into five categories: Suspense, Fiction, Non-fiction, YA, and Children’s books.

Among the nominees for the Suspense award are: Kristina Ohlsson’s Storm Watch, Anders Roslund’s Sweet Dreams, Stina Jackson’s The Last Snow, Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man, and Hans Rosenfeldt’s When Crying Wolf.

Simona Arhnstedt’s Hearts on the Line meanwhile features on the list of Fiction nominees, and Björn Natthiko Lindeblad’s I May Be Wrong on the Non-fiction list.

David Sundin’s audiobook adaptation of his bestselling debut, The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read, is in the running for the Children’s books’ award. In its audio form, the book is called The Audiobook That Did Not Want To End.

Fans will be able to vote for their favorites till February 28, after which a jury will pick a winner among the three candidates with the most votes in each category.

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The October bestseller list in Sweden

Lars Kepler’s latest title about Joona Linna, The Mirror Man, comes in first in three categories on the official Swedish bestseller lists for October. It is No. 1 in hardcover, audio, and e-books. Hans Rosenfeldt follows just behind, placing at No. 2 in hardcover and audio with When Crying Wolf. Simona Ahrnstedt’s ever popular Opposites Attract series makes its mark on the e-book list, where the latest installment – Hearts on the Line – comes in at No. 3.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man dominates also this week, featuring at the No. 1 spot on three lists: hardcover, audio and e-books. Simona Ahrnstedt’s Hearts on the Line likewise stays put, coming in at No. 4 in e-books.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Hans Rosenfeldt’s When Crying Wolf is No. 2 in hardcover on the latest Swedish bestseller list, claiming the No. 4 spot on the audio list as well. Simona Ahrnstedt debuts on the lists with her just published Hearts on the Line, which is No. 2 in e-book and No. 4 in hardcover. Finally, Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1794 comes in at No. 5 in paperback.

‘Hearts on the Line’ published in Sweden

In their early youth Dessie and Sam were mad about each other. Devastating events at a party decimated their love and brutally tore them apart. As adults, none of them have quite recovered from the betrayals and lies. Fifteen years on, Dessie is a highly skilled security expert with experience from war zones all over the world. With a top position in a violent business where women are rare, she is also haunted by traumas that threaten to destroy her.

Sam was the underdog from the suburbs that everyone counted out. Following Dessie’s deceit, revenge was long his driving force, and it fueled him to create a vast and successful hotel empire. When Sam finds himself targeted by disturbing death threats, he becomes in need of a bodyguard. Fate brings Dessie his way…

One look at each other is enough for Dessie and Sam to know exactly what’s at stake. Now they’re playing with their hearts on the line.

Simona Ahrnstedt’s Hearts on the Line is a pulse triggering story about lowering your guard and facing your past. Hearts on the Line is the third installment in the stand-alone series Opposites Attract.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

This week on the official bestseller lists in Sweden, Anders Roslund places at No. 8 in the paperback category with Knock Knock, the first installment in the Nameless Girls Diptych. The sequel, Sweet Dreams, comes in at No. 3 on the audio list, and No. 6 in e-books. Also on the e-books list is Anne Holt, whose A Necessary Death is No. 8. Finally, Simona Ahrnstedt’s Just a Bit More is No. 10 in paperback.

The weekly Swedish bestseller list

Anders Roslund continues to feature with two titles on the official bestseller lists from Sweden. This week, Sweet Dreams is No. 4 in audio, No. 6 in e-book and No. 8 in hardcover, while Knock Knock is No. 5 on the paperback list. Also on the paperback list is Simona Ahrnstedt, claiming the No. 9 spot with Just a Bit More. Anne Holt meanwhile grabs the No. 4 position on the e-book list with A Necessary Death.

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