Boken som inte ville bli läst

Boken som inte ville bli läst The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read

What do you do with a book that doesn’t want to be read? Why open it, of course!

The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read is a laugh-out-loud picture book for all children of an age where they want an adult to read to them. Since this particular book most certainly doesn’t want to be read it will act up and squirm around, much to the delight of said children. Letters will go missing, the book will try to close itself, burn your fingers, and play all manners of pranks on you who are reading it. It will do just about everything it can to make you give up and put it down.

The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read is a declaration of love for the togetherness that occurs at that moment when, perhaps usually at bedtime, a guardian, parent or carer reads aloud for one or more who are still fascinated by how squiggles on a page can hold all of those fairytales and figures.

And perhaps best of all – when a child wants to hear The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read, it will invite not only them but also the adult to maybe dip their toes in the waters outside the box; to become creative, playful, and able to say things that might otherwise be forgotten in all haste. Like, “I love you.”


Swedish Bookseller's Award (Children's book of the year) Sweden 2021
Adlibris Award (Best Children’s, Ages 0-6) Sweden 2020
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  • “The kids squeal with laughter at the somersaults the book will perform in order not to be read – it makes up its own words, pretends to be a bird, changes all the Rs to Us… And the adult will feel an immense satisfaction in so effectively conveying the power of words.”

    Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “This is an incredibly funny book meant to be read aloud.”

    Karlskoga Tidning Kuriren, Sweden

  • “I don’t know when we last had such a fun time at bedtime. Both I and the 3,5-year-old laugh out loud when the book tries to run off or when we have to help each other blow out the fire.”

    Norra Skåne, Sweden

  • “It’s not just the idea that’s good, but so also the particularly nice and playful execution thereof.”

    Barometern, Sweden

  • “Must be read despite every resistance the book will make.”

    Mariestads-tidningen, Sweden

  • How I smiled while reading this book! /…/ A humorous and timeless picture book for all kids who need adults or others who know how to read in order to enjoy their books.

    Magazinet i Växjö, Sweden

  • “This book is a recipe for laughter, bewilderment and coziness. /…/Packed with flair and fun layouts. /…/ For anyone in the mood for a hilarious and charming story. /…/ Hurry and get yourself a copy!”


    Bogbanden, Denmark

  • “A truly funny, joyful, captivating and empathetic picture book. /…/ [The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read] speaks to the reader, it speaks to its listener and is always on the child’s side. /…/ It stands out from the crowd of colourful picture books.”, Denmark

  • “If [The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read] doesn’t want to be read, it’s doing a really bad job keeping us away. It practically overflows with entertainment, challenges and interactivity between book, adult and child. /…/ The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read could easily become many children’s favorite book.”


    Pædagogen DK, Denmark

  • “A book that is reluctant to be read offers one of the greatest reader’s experiences for children this fall.. /…/ One of the funniest children’s books out there. /…/ The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read is a book that can really have a long run. The cover of the book is beautiful and lavish – but I’m not sure if the spine will last all that long. Not because the book doesn’t seem sturdy – but rather because I imagine the kids will demand for this to be read again. And again. And again. And surely the glue, even in the world’s most obstinate book, cannot withstand that in the long run? /…/ This defiant and fittingly absurd book guarantees a fun reading-out-loud experience – especially if the adult manages to give into the story. And it’s hard to avoid getting carried away. David Sundin’s The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read is original, hilarious and encourages joy in reading. When the book, to top things off, ends with a lovely message to the reader, it can hardly get any better. Yes to more of these funny antics in children’s literature. Yes to more reluctant and strong-willed books. It makes for great entertainment.”


    Bok365, Norway

  • “An extraordinarily lively, stubborn and completely magical picture book. /…/ [An] unusually funny picture book. /…/ Encourages interaction between readers and listeners”

    Večernje novosti, Serbia

  • “Genius: A truly funny read-out-loud bedside experience – not the least for the adults. /…/ The conventional bedtime story is here replaced by a full show, topped off with singing and humor. /…/ It’s no surprise that this book […] is already sold to more than 25 countries. Because the experience of reading this book is genuinely funny. And there is no risk whatsoever for dad falling asleep whilst reading this one.”

    Klassekampen, Norway

  • “I repeatedly have to laugh out loud at the author’s ingenuinity. /…/ I’m crazy about this concept. /…/ There is definite potential for this to become a classic!”

    Kulturmor, Denmark

  • “Adult readers aloud who enjoy giving a theatrical performance when sharing a book can have terrific fun with this, so too of course will young audiences.”

    Red Reading Hub, UK

  • “The funny little tale of The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read is designed to charm its audience. A piece of art. /…/ David Sundin’s amusing work is a treat in itself when it comes to its execution.”

    ERR, Estonia

  • “[A]n experience that will make the children laugh out loud in their beds. Days that end with a laugh is always a good day and here is the key to success.”

    Bogbotten, Denmark

  • “This book kept surprising and made us laugh. /…/ David Sundin has a great sense of humor, which is conveyed here. Unique, hilarious ideas are presented and the reader has to let their imagination run free – particularly the ‘fill in the gaps’ parts allow for much variation. I don’t want to give too much away, other than that you likely will be picking up The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read very often from now on. Congratulations!”

    Kinderbuchschatz, Germany

Photo: Stefan Tell David Sundin
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