Med hjärtat som insats

Med hjärtat som insats Hearts on the Line

Opposites Attract #3

In their early youth Dessie and Sam were mad about each other. Devastating events at a party decimated their love and brutally tore them apart. As adults, none of them have quite recovered from the betrayals and lies. Fifteen years on, Dessie is a highly skilled security expert with experience from war zones all over the world. With a top position in a violent business where women are rare, she is also haunted by traumas that threaten to destroy her.

Sam was the underdog from the suburbs that everyone counted out. Following Dessie’s deceit, revenge was long his driving force, and it fueled him to create a vast and successful hotel empire. When Sam finds himself targeted by disturbing death threats, he becomes in need of a bodyguard. Fate brings Dessie his way…

One look at each other is enough for Dessie and Sam to know exactly what’s at stake. Now they’re playing with their hearts on the line.

Simona Ahrnstedt’s Hearts on the Line is a pulse triggering story about lowering your guard and facing your past. Hearts on the Line is the third installment in the stand-alone series Opposites Attract.

Photo: Kate Gabor Simona Ahrnstedt
  • Women’s fiction
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