Betvingade Coercion

Wadenstierna #2

Sweden 1349. Illiana Henriksdotter is sure about what she wants out of life. An intelligent young woman of good birth, Illiana has spent years studying healing and herbal medicine, quietly honing her independence. But even the best laid plans change, and Illiana finds herself on the journey of a lifetime with an unlikely – and unwanted – travel companion: Markus Järv, a knight and the king’s right-hand man.

As different as night and day, Illiana and Markus can only agree on one thing: They want nothing to do with each other. But the duo soon find that they need one another’s skills – both light and dark – to survive the old enemy rapidly catching up to them.


  • “Irresistable.”

    Amelia, Sweden

  • “A Jane Austen on speed, [Ahrnstedt’s] historical romance novels transport you away to distant love-lands where you forget all your sorrows, troubles and likely your dinner on the stove.”

    M-magasin, Sweden

  • “Simona Ahrnstedt has demonstrated to her readers that romance can indeed be a literary genre that is smart, funny and well-written, if the author is the right one for the job. /…/ Ahrnstedt truly infuses life into her characters, milieus and ambiances. The tension between Illiana and Markus makes up the foundation for the narrative, and one constantly wants to keep reading to see how things will end up for them. I’m also a fan of the author’s way of depicting the historical aspects. It’s evidence of profound research.”

    Johannas Deckarhörna, Sweden

  • “Simona Ahrnstedt has a very appealing language and a feel for historical details, which serves to create both depth and drive in the tale and constantly keep the reader immersed in the read. The engagement is kept up throughout the narrative and establishes sympathies for our protagonists. /…/ Without ever falling for the traditional pit-falls, she guides all three – Illiana, Markus and the reader – through her tale and neatly and skilfully ties all ends together in the end. If you’re curious about the genre, this is definitely the one to sink your teeth into first.”

    Litteraturmagazinet, Sweden

Photo: Kate Gabor Simona Ahrnstedt
  • Historical
  • Women’s fiction
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Swedish edition

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Denmark, Gyldendal

Finland, WSOY

Germany, Bastei Lübbe/Lyx

Latvia, Zvaigzne ABC

Norway, Cappelen Damm

Sweden, Forum

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