Överenskommelser Arrangements

Wadenstierna #1

December, 1880. Safe within the gilded walls of the Stockholm opera, the capital’s elite mingle as the peak of the social season nears. In attendance is also Beatrice Löwenström, a young woman of modest means and a not-so-moderate razor-sharp wit. As she tries to navigate the throng, Beatrice finds herself crossing paths with Seth Hammerstaal – the most gossiped-about member of polite society. The wealthiest man in Sweden, Seth has grown accustomed to speaking his mind. He’s less used to meeting someone who’ll do the same, and to his face.

Sparks fly as Beatrice and Seth butt heads, and continue to do so as fate throws them together time and again. Somewhere along the way, however, dislike turns into mutual fascination. But before Beatrice and Seth can find a way forward, they’ll have to overcome the ambitions of the outside world. Beatrice’s freedom, and their chance at a future together, are at stake.

Arrangements is the first novel in the Wadenstierna series.

Photo: Kate Gabor Simona Ahrnstedt
  • Women’s fiction
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Swedish edition

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Czech Republic, Deus Knihy

Denmark, Gyldendal

Finland, Karisto

Germany, Wunderlich

Italy, Sperling & Kupfer

Latvia, Zvaigzne ABC

Lithuania, Alma Littera

Norway, Cappelen Damm

Russia, Atticus

Sweden, Damm Förlag

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