Nattens Drottning

Nattens Drottning The Queen of the Night

Opposites Attract #4

Kate Ekberg is a star. She has single-handedly created the immensely popular night club Kate’s, which is on everyone’s bucket list. She’s a glamorous, tough, and savvy business woman. But no one knows that she is also in the grip of a blackmailer.

Outwardly, Jacob Grim is an uptight bank manager complete with a stern look, double-buttoned suits and sober ties. Ever since a tragedy unfolded ten years back, he has forced himself to suppress all emotions. It’s been working fine, until he comes across a desperate Kate.

Something occurs in the meeting of these opposites: the charismatic nightclub icon and the closed-off bank man. They are thrown into a whirlwind passion that changes everything and suddenly there’s a promise of something more. If they dare to do the most difficult thing: be vulnerable.

The Queen of the Night is a feelgood love story about falling for your complete opposite against all odds and re-evaluating everything you thought you knew in the process.

Photo: Kate Gabor Simona Ahrnstedt
  • Women’s fiction
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