Anders Hansen

Anders Hansen (b. 1974) is a psychiatrist, speaker, and popular TV show host with his own docuseries about the mysteries of the human brain. Hansen has published several bestselling books and is arguably Sweden’s favorite expert on the topic of the brain and health matters. To date, he has sold more than 3 million copies and spent nearly one consecutive year on the Swedish bestseller list.

“Anders Hansen’s work is the antidote to our modern-day struggles.”

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, Physician and No. 1 international bestselling author.


Oricon Annual Book Ranking 2021 (Best selling book of the year) Japan – Skärmhjärnan The Attention Fix
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Anders Hansen & Mats Wänblad

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The Happiness Cure No. 2 in Czech Republic

Anders Hansen’s international bestseller, The Happiness Curetakes the No. 2 spot on the official bestseller list in Czech Republic this week.


‘The Happiness Cure’ No. 2 in Finland

Anders Hansen’s international bestseller The Happiness Cure enters the official Finnish bestseller list for non-fiction, taking the No. 2 spot on the March list.

‘The Happiness Cure’ sold to 35 territories

Anders Hansen’s The Happiness Cure has now been sold to 35 territories! In his bestselling book, Hansen explores how our brains work in modern society and provides us with knowledge on how to best take care of both our bodies and minds.

Anders Hansen No. 1 in Slovakia

Anders Hansen’s The Happiness Cure climbs the Slovakian bestseller list, landing at No. 1 this week.

Lars Kepler and Anders Hansen on the Slovakian bestseller list

Lars Kepler’s The Spider appears on yet another international bestseller list, coming in at No. 3 on the Slovakian book retailer Martinus’s most sold list. Anders Hansen is No. 5 on the same list with The Happiness Cure.

The Adlibris Awards 2022

The nominees for 2022’s Adlibris Awards have been announced. Adlibris is the leading book retailer in the Nordics and the Adlibris Award was founded in 2019 to celebrate the site’s greatest titles. The 10 nominated titles in the 9 respective categories have been selected by a jury of Adlibris employees from all works published in 2022.

Ia Genberg’s The Details is shortlisted in the ’Fiction’ category.

Amongst the nominated titles in the ‘Crime Fiction’ category are Lars Kepler’s The Spider, Anders de la Motte & Måns Nilsson’s Death Goes Antiquing and Liza Marklund’s The Mire.

In the ‘Childrens’ category – Jonas Gardell’s The Story of the Little Sparrow is shortlisted for ‘Children’s 0-6’ and Martin Widmark’s The Masquerade Mystery is nominated for ‘Children’s 6-12’. Anders Hansen’s Brain Blues for Teens is nominated for the ‘Young Adult’ category.

The winners will be announced on January 25, 2023.

Adlibris most sold books in Sweden 2000-2021

Adlibris, the leading online book retailer in the Nordics, has published a list of its 15 most sold books in Sweden of the last 20 years. Featured on the list are Anders Hansen’s The Real Happy Pill, David Sundin’s The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read, Fredrik Backman’s A Man Called Ove and Björn Natthiko Lindeblad’s I May Be Wrongeach performing a remarkable feat on the Swedish book market.

Adlibris has also revealed statistics of the best-selling books per year, where Liza Marklund’s Red Wolf and Last Will became the most sold titles in 2003 and 2006 respectively, Lars Kepler’s The Hypnotist the most sold title in 2009, A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman the best-selling title of 2013 and Anders Hansen’s The Real Happy Pill the most sold title in 2019.

More than 1 million copies sold of Anders Hansen’s books in Japan

Anders Hansen’s books has sold over 1 million copies in Japan. His title Insta-Brain was the most sold title of 2021 in Japan and has together with Brain Blues and The Real Happy Pill been #1 bestsellers.

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