Gættu þinna handa

Gættu þinna handa Forget Me Not

The Black Ice Series #2

A group of young professionals travel to the Westmann Islands off the coast of Iceland to attend the funeral of a woman that used to be part of their inner circle. The trip which was also supposed to function as a reunion, turns into a nightmare when the aftermath of a party they attended while at university and have tried to forget, hits them full force. Two bodies are found on a rocky beach close to the refurbished lighthouse keeper’s house that the group had stayed in and Iðunn, Týr and Karó are sent to provide the local police assistance.

Forget Me Not, the second installment of the Black Ice series, puts the spotlight on medical examiner Iðunn who grew up on the island and has ghosts of her own she would prefer to keep at bay, all the while having to focus on a complex investigation of murders that seem to make no sense at all.


Shortlisted for Storytel Awards Iceland 2024
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  • “Yrsa excites her readers every time she writes something new.”

    Fréttablaðinu, Iceland

Photo: Lilja Birgisdóttir Yrsa Sigurdardóttir
  • Thriller
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