Zoopojken Zoo Boy

Adam Vieri is a disillusioned young man who works as a zookeeper in Stockholm. His love for the animals is strong, but he has doubts about the ethics behind keeping them confined from their natural habitat. When the new boss Camilla tells him that they are going to replace the boring Nordic animals with exciting, new species in order to attract more visitors, his worries grow stronger. Beaming with enthusiasm, Camilla reveals that lions, gorillas and elephants are to be purchased from a bankrupt circus. But both Adam and the animal’s previous caretaker Natalie are afraid that the zoo is not the right place for the new animals. Their friendship develops into something more and together they hash out a plan to rescue the animals from the circus and release them into freedom in Kenya.

Zoo Boy is a thought-provoking and entertaining novel about freedom and captivity, animals, and love. It is about the difference a person can makes when they finally make a choice.

Photo: Christopher Hunt Peter Hammarbäck
  • Fiction
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