De skandalösa

De skandalösa The Scandalous

Wadenstierna #3

Magdalena Swärd is a woman who has lost everything. Educated but on the brink of ruin, Magdalena takes up the position of companion to a young baroness. And before long she finds herself on the road headed to castle Wadenstierna, home of Earl Gabriel Gripklo. Rumor has it the Earl is looking for a wife, and part of Magdalena’s new duties is to make sure the baroness is present at the big party about to take place at the castle.

But rather than the baroness and Earl, it’s Magdalena and Gabriel who end up meeting. Sharp-tongued and stubborn, she is everything that he detests. He, in turn, represents everything that Magdalena despises in men. Yet in an ironic twist of fate, the two are forced to enter into an illicit alliance to save both of their reputations. It’s an unorthodox pact, but it might just free them both.

“Truly a breath of fresh air.”
Dick Harrison


Shortlisted for LovelyBooks Leserpreis Germany 2019
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  • “Love, entanglements and passion along with characters that have both self-distance, humor and maturity, come together in a highly successful blend – making this an enjoyable read.”

    LitteraturMagazinet, Sweden

  • “Simona’s ultra-romantic novels never lets you down and this third novel is sexier than ever.”

    Veckorevyn, Sweden

Photo: Kate Gabor Simona Ahrnstedt
  • Historical
  • Women’s fiction
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Swedish edition

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Denmark, Gyldendal

Finland, WSOY

Germany, Bastei Lübbe/Lyx

Latvia, Zvaigzne ABC

Norway, Cappelen Damm

Sweden, Forum

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