Depphjärnan Brain Blues

It is easy to believe that you have a broken brain when you feel mentally ill, but anxiety and depression are natural conditions and remnants from ancient times when we risked dying of starvation and infections. We are not made to be content and happy all the time – if that were the case, our ancestors would not have survived for very long. Anders Hansen shows us how our mind works and instils hope in that we can indeed feel well in today’s stressful and digitally connected society. To succeed, we need to take better care of our brain and body – and perhaps also stop constantly chasing happiness.

Anders Hansen is our foremost and most accomplished public educator. With his crystal-clear, straightforward prose that never shies away from the difficult questions, he writes about evolution and the brain, and why many of us are left feeling so bad. Brilliant, I think. And very informative.
David Lagercrantz


  • “/…/ the ease with reading the book is about [Hansen’s] deeply pedagogical approach, his every day and flexible language and the many fun examples from both professional and private life.”

    Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

  • “[Anders Hansen] is phenomenal at identifying different human conditions and finding ways to deal with them.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

Anders Hansen
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