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Opposites Attract #2

In just one day Stella has lost it all: her fiancé, her home and her job. After a night of heavy drinking, cyberstalking her ex and ugly crying, Stella realizes that she has to leave Stockholm. But her options are limited. The choice finally falls on a shabby and drafty small cottage in the southern Swedish countryside. It’s a place full of memories, not to mention crazy goats, sulky teenagers – and one smug eco farmer, who turns out to be unexpectedly good at kissing. The big city girl Stella soon finds herself thoroughly embroiled in the dramas of the small community and its inhabitants.

Simona Ahrnstedt’s Just a Bit More is a story about finding yourself in a place where you don’t fit in. Just a Bit More is the second installment in the stand-alone series Opposites Attract.


Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best Feelgood Fiction) Iceland 2024
Shortlisted for the Mofibo Awards (Best Romance) Denmark 2021
Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best Fiction) Sweden 2019
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  • “One of our masters of feelgood.”

    Femina, Sweden

  • “[Just a Bit More] has it all. /…/ Complex fates, opposites attracted to each other, volatile and indecent sex, and an impossible love. /…/ I love [Ahrnstedt’s] uncompromising feminism, the respectful depiction of vulnerable teenage girls, and the reflections on how we all process sorrow differently.”

    Tara, Sweden

  • Just a Bit More is a romantic novel with great feelgood factor. It contains all the right elements; Simona Ahrnstedt sure knows how to write romance. Above all, the attraction between protagonists Stella and Thor is fantastically well-portrayed. I wholeheartedly believed in it; it’s a description of genuine attraction between two adults. /…/ I will keep my eye out for more books by Simona Arhnstedt, one simply cannot get too much of great romance.”

    Lottens Bokblogg, Sweden

  • “[Just a Bit More] has a great beginning and instantly captivated me. /…/ The thrill and romance is sustained all the way through. /…/ Stella discovers new sides to herself and makes a fantastic character journey throughout the story. /…/ The book flies by and is a true page turner. /…/ This is a book I’d truly recommend and I look forward to reading more by Ahrnstedt!”

    Nilmas Bokhylla, Sweden

  • “As usual, Ahrnstedt manages to portray believable and strong characters. Men and women alike. She’s great at that. This is a warm and lovely tale.”

    Villa Freja, Sweden

  • “It’s always a delight to read a new book by [Ahrnstedt]. She is one of few authors whom I’m dying to read as soon as they’ve published a new book. I really enjoyed the milieus in this one. /…/ It’s so interesting and hilarious to follow Stella when she arrives in Laholm at the outset of the novel. It’s somewhat of a culture shock for her and her first meeting with the countryside is very entertaining. It’s also interesting to follow her journey throughout the story. Both in relation to Thor, but also the way she grows as a person. /…/ Simona Ahrnstedt is one of my favorite authors and in my opinion she writes incredible romance. There are no questionable women ideals, the women are strong and capable and she manages to portray the society we live in today.”

    Ewelinas Bokblogg, Sweden

  • “Simona Arhnstedt’s new book is a well-written feelgood novel that you’ll just want more of. It’s impossible to read simply one chapter, I kept wanting more. Just a bit more. /…/ I’m immediately invested in the relationship between Thor and Stella and like how it unfolds. I also enjoy Stella’s development, from being the big city-loving girl who struggles to live without her fashion brands, to the country girl who devotes all her attention to family matters. It’s exciting, it’s steamy, it’s heartbreaking. All these emotions are stored within this phenomenal novel. It’s always fun reading Simona’s novels, as she always pulls them off.”

    Mitt Liv Som Boknörd, Sweden

  • “Truly loved this romantic feelgood novel. A cozy and delightful book. The book contains just enough drama, emotion, feminism, and a lot of steamy sex scenes. Lovely settings and refreshing with nature in the countryside. Loved Stella’s character as a strong and independent woman, and in my opinion [Just a Bit More] has everything one can ask for in a romance novel. /…/ Charming, pleasant and well-written. A wonderful and steamy tale. Entertaining feelgood that I am happy to recommend.”

    Brijreads, Sweden

  • “This story, oh my god! Love the independent Stella, how she tackles all the obstacles coming her way. /…/ Such a captivating and skillfully written novel. It felt as if I was standing there in the streets of Laholm myself, or out on the field next to the Sunflower Farm. This is a book you simply have to read! Simona Ahrnstedt, you truly are the queen of romance, every day of the week.”


    Mitt Liv Med Böcker, Sweden

  • “Simona Ahrnstedt always delivers: I love her books and Just a Bit More is no exception. As I have longed for this book! I grew to like Thor instantly and honestly couldn’t get enough of him – what a man! Of course one couldn’t but love Stella and her energy. Their personal chemistry was so wonderful and intense. The story was brilliant and one only wanted to keep reading. As usual the tears came towards the end, half of them happy tears for the beautiful ending, and the other half because the book was over.”


    My Precious Bookworld, Sweden

  • “A romance with high feelgood factor. /…/ Just like Simona’s previous books, Just a Bit More is well-written and the language is top class. One can tell that Simona does her research and knows what she’s talking about.”

    Julias bokhylla, Sweden

  • “A feelgood romance that raises the heat – and your mood. /…/ An irresistible novel from beginning to end. Wonderful characters, [and a] funny and heartwarming story. A well-written page-turner. A delightful feelgood about trying to find oneself in a place where one does not fit in.”

    I Min Bokhylla, Sweden

  • “How good is it? Suberb! I was walking on clouds of happiness throughout the entire read. /…/ This is a delightful, highly credible romantic novel with steamy sex scenes – but it is also a contribution to the societal debate about among other things sustainable living and all humans’ equal value – and not the least about feminism. I put the book away with a content sigh.”

    Bibbloagneta, Sweden

  • “Just a bit more, just a bit more. That’s what I’ve kept thinking whilst reading Just a Bit More by Simona Ahrnstedt. /…/ It’s a true pleasure reading this one! Just a Bit More has everything I want in a feelgood romance story. ”


    Sofias Bokhylla, Sweden

  • “A fluffy romance gem! It’s sweet, sour, and plenty sexy. /…/ A warm, lovely tale that is bound to cheer you up.”

    Betsybybook, Sweden

  • “Romance, drama and humour goes hand in hand here with plenty of steamy sex scenes.”

    Familie Journalen, Denmark

  • “Really moving, particularly towards the end. I love how Ahrnstedt writes so inclusive and free from prejudice.”

    Hyggegeek Litteratur, Denmark

  • “A gem of a book. All characters are well-constructed and beautiful in their own way. /…/ It’s a lovely and heartwarming tale about the difficult things in life – loss, hope, failure, love and finding yourself again”, Denmark

  • “A beautiful story with plenty of love, conflicts, dilemmas and decisions. You will have butterflies in your stomach and likely also tears in your eyes because Simona Ahrnstedt rarely takes the easy way out! If you feel like enjoying a romance in paper-form, I truly recommend you to take a trip to Laholm and allow yourself to be seduced by this wonderful love story.”

    Book a rest, Denmark

  • “I laughed and cried reading this book. I felt the love that’s been poured into every word and I regained hope that love exists…everywhere.[Just a bit more] wedged itself into my heart, and there it will remain.”


    Skyggetanten, Denmark

  • “I devoured this book in two days and was thoroughly entertained. /…/ Simona Ahrnstedt being called the Nordic queen of romance is much deserved. She writes well and understands how to create nuanced characters that you want to spend time with. /…/ Just a bit more gets my warmest recommendations.”

    Annelovebooks, Denmark

  • “Simply incredible! /…/ Contains everything one can desire in terms of love, complicated friendships, troubled family relationships, break-ups and unity, difficult choices, new beginnings, sex and wonderful characters.”


    Bogfinken, Denmark

  • “Feelgood of the highest quality. I was completely immersed in this story. /…/ It’s romantic and erotic. It’s both dramatic and human. /…/ Lean back and enjoy.”


    Knirkes bøger, Denmark

  • “A delightful and romantic feelgood-novel (…) with a focus on standing up for yourself, your emotions and dreams.”

    Dansk BiblioteksCenter, Denmark

Photo: Kate Gabor Simona Ahrnstedt
  • Women’s fiction
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