Liza Marklund

If Sjöwall/Wahlöö created the modern Swedish police procedural in the 60s, Liza Marklund (b. 1962) revolutionized it in the late 90s with The Bomber, the first installment in a series that would become the most successful ever from a female Scandinavian writer.

Liza Marklund’s series about crime reporter Annika Bengtzon – in which life at a bustling tabloid and the conflict between motherhood and career set the stage for immensely suspenseful crime stories – quickly established the author as a bestseller worldwide. Since then, Marklund’s novels have sold more than 23 million copies in more than 40 languages. She is the recipient of a vast number of literary awards and prizes.

In addition to being an author, Liza Marklund co-owns Sweden’s third largest publishing house Piratförlaget, and has worked as a journalist as well as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

“It’s no accident that Liza Marklund is one of the most dynamic and popular crime writers of our time.”
–Patricia Cornwell

“It’s obvious why Liza Marklund is such a popular writer, and so beloved by her loyal fans. Her voice is crisp and clean, and she has a knack for building beautifully elaborate and suspenseful plots. Her storytelling captivates readers, keeping them guessing right to the end with twists and turns you never see coming. /…/ I am but one member of a steadily growing group of loyal fans.”
–Karin Slaughter

“Liza Marklund is in a league of her own thanks to her intelligent stories, her confident writing and her radical view on society. There is no doubt about it.”
–Henning Mankell

“An astonishing talent. /…/ Liza Marklund’s thrillers are stellar examples of those qualities inherent in the best fiction: She wholly immerses the reader in her world, and she writes with consummate intelligence, consistency and passion.”
–Jeffery Deaver

“Liza Marklund is the next great Nordic export for fans of crime fiction to discover. Her books deliver edge-of-your-seat suspense, sophisticated plotting, complex characterization, and unique locales. Enjoy!”
–Harlan Coben

“Liza Marklund’s thrillers are beautifully structured and tautly written. Dynamic plots with suspense throughout.”
–Kathy Reichs

“What impresses me most about Liza Marklund’s novels is that they are intelligent and gripping. As if that isn’t enough to raise them above just about everyone else’s work—Liza writes lively, often funny dialogue.”
–James Patterson


Annika Bengtzon


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Kepler, Nesbø and Marklund on the Finnish bestseller lists

The official Finnish bestseller lists for the month of November have been released and Lars Kepler’s Lazarus is No. 1 on the list for translated hardcover fiction. The novel tops the list for the second consecutive month. Jo Nesbø’s Macbeth comes in at No. 2 and Liza Marklund’s Black Pearl Farm is No. 5 on the same list.

Lars Kepler, Liza Marklund and Kristina Ohlsson on the Finnish bestseller list

The official Finnish bestseller lists for the month of October have been released and Lars Kepler’s Lazarus goes straight to No. 1 on the list for translated hardcover fiction. Liza Marklund’s Black Pearl Farm enters at No. 3 on the same list and Kristina Ohlsson’s The Flood is No. 3 on the paperback list.

Jonas Gardell, Liza Marklund, Stefan Ahnhem and Niklas Natt och Dag on the Swedish bestseller lists

Jonas Gardell’s In Memory of an Unconditional Love is No. 1 on the Swedish hardcover list for the first week of October. Gardell is joined by Liza Marklund, who comes in at No. 4 with her recently published Black Pearl Farm. Just after at No. 5 comes Stefan Ahnhem and Motive X, which also claims the No. 3 spot on the e-book list and the No. 4 spot on the audio list. Niklas Natt och Dag and The Wolf and the Watchman occupy the No. 3 spot on the paperback list, also coming in at No. 4 on the e-book list.

Jonas Gardell, Stefan Ahnhem, Liza Marklund, Niklas Natt och Dag, Anders de la Motte and Kristina Ohlsson on the Swedish bestseller lists

Jonas Gardell’s In Memory of an Unconditional Love returns to the No. 1 spot on the weekly hardcover fiction list in Sweden, also claiming the No. 3 position on the e-book list. Stefan Ahnhem meanwhile debuts on the hardcover list with the just published Motive X, which comes in at No. 2. Motive X - the fourth Fabian Risk novel - is No. 2 also on the e-book list. Another strong debut on the hardcover list is Liza Marklund, just out with The Pearl Farm. Marklund places at No. 4.

The paperback list features two recurring bestsellers: Niklas Natt och Dag, who comes in at No. 3 with The Wolf and the Watchman, and Anders de la Motte at No. 4 with Deeds of Fall.

Finally there is the weekly children’s books bestseller list, where the third installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s Monster Trilogy, The Mummy’s Riddle, comes in at No. 5.

Photo: Photo: Annika Marklund

Liza Marklund winner of the Crimetime Specsavers’ Honorary Award

Liza Marklund has been awarded the Crimetime Specsavers’ Honorary Award 2018. The award is to be presented to authors who have acted as pioneers in Swedish crime literature and put Sweden on the international crime fiction map.

“I’m very honored. The previous winners, Maj Sjöwall and Kerstin Ekman, are major role models of mine,” says Liza Marklund. The award ceremony will be held on September 29th during Crimetime Göteborg, Sweden’s biggest crime literature festival.

“Almost exactly 20 years ago, [Liza Marklund] debuted as a crime fiction writer with The Bomber, the groundbreaking novel that fundamentally changed the Swedish crime novel scene. Readers quickly embraced the female anti-heroine, reporter Annika Bengtzon. Her private life and the current social issues that were portrayed in the novels were just as important as the crime plot itself. The style of writing challenged the prevailing crime novel-norm and gained many followers. Liza Marklund is one of our most internationally critically acclaimed and successful authors and her significance for the Swedish crime fiction phenomena abroad cannot be underestimated. With 15 novels and one non-fiction to her name, sold in 23 million copies and translated into 40 languages, she has paved the way for a series of successful and talented female crime writers.”
-The Crimetime Specsavers jury

‘The Pearl Farm’ published in Sweden

It’s the early nineties. Young Kiona and her siblings live on Manihiki, a small island in the Southern Pacific Ocean, and one of the most isolated places in the world. Kiona works at the family’s pearl farm, freediving, checking oysters and harvesting black pearls.

One morning, a large yacht hits the reef surrounding the island. On the wrecked ship the locals find a wounded man. His name is Erik and he’s from Sweden.

The shipwreck is the start of a breathtaking story spanning half a decade and four continents. It’s a tale that poses questions about humankind’s search for meaning and belonging, the price the world economy exacts, and how far we are prepared to go for our loved ones.

The Pearl Farm is a bold and immersive story of love and money, violence and isolation, education and faith.

‘The Rabbit Hunter’ and ‘The Final Word’ No. 1 in Sweden

Lars Kepler’s sixth novel in the Joona Linna series, The Rabbit Hunter, claims the No. 1 spot on the official Swedish bestseller list for fiction this February, with Leif GW Persson’s Can One Die Twice? following at No. 2. On the paperback list Ingar Johnsrud comes in at No. 3 with Those Who Follow, the first installment in his Fredrik Beier series.

The bestseller list for audiobooks is topped by Liza Marklund’s The Final Word, the eleventh and final novel featuring Annika Bengtzon. No. 2 on the list is Hjorth & Rosenfeldts Those Who Failed, and No. 3 is Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun. Lars Kepler’s The Rabbit Hunter makes a second appearance on the February list, on the audio book list’s No. 4 spot.

Photo: Annika Marklund

Liza Marklund awarded Radio Bremen’s Crime Award 2016

Liza Marklund has been chosen as the winner of Radio Bremen’s Crime Award (Krimipreis) 2016. The annual award will be presented to Liza Marklund for her novel The Final Word, the 11th and final installment in her series about crime reporter Annika Bengtzon. The jury of Radio Bremen praises the novel, calling it a “gripping political thriller” and lauds Marklund for her knowledgeable descriptions of current changes in the Swedish media landscape. The award ceremony will take place on September 26th in Bremen.

Previous winners of Radio Bremen’s Crime Award include Arne Dahl (2010).

Dakota Fanning to star in ‘The Postcard Killings’

Dakota Fanning will star in Academy Award-winning director Janusz Kaminski’s upcoming thriller The Postcard Killings, the movie based on Liza Marklund and James Patterson’s novel Postcard Killers. The screenplay is written by Liza Marklund, Tove Alsterdal and Andrew Stern and it centers on a New Yorker as his life is thrown into turmoil when he learns that his newly married daughter has been brutally murdered. As he digs into the case, similar crimes are reported across Europe with each killing accompanied by a postcard sent to a local journalist. As he follows the trail of clues, a young reporter — played by Fanning — receives the next postcard.

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‘The Final Word’ No. 1 in Iceland

Liza Marklund’s The Final Word, the eleventh and final novel featuring Annika Bengtzon, went straight to No. 1 on the Icelandic bestseller list upon publication. This marks the second consecutive week at No. 1 for the book.

Janusz Kaminiski to direct ’The Postcard Killings’

Two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer and frequent Steven Spielberg collaborator Janusz Kaminski (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Bridge Of Spies) will direct crime thriller The Postcard Killings, based on Liza Marklund and James Patterson’s 2010 crime novel The Postcard Killers. Liza Marklund and Tove Alsterdal penned the screenplay and the film will shoot in New York, Munich, Stockholm, northern Sweden and possibly Norway.

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The Grand Audiobook Prize 2015

Kristina Ohlsson’s Mio’s Blues, Liza Marklund’s The Final Word, Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun, Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s Those Who Failed, Jens Lapidus’ Stockholm Delete and Leif GW Persson’s The Bomb Maker and his Woman have been shortlisted for the Swedish book award The Grand Audiobook Prize in the Crime & Thriller category. The Blue Star by Jan Guillou is shortlisted in the Literary Fiction category and Kristina Ohlsson’s The Glass Children and The Silver Boy are shortlisted in the Children’s & Young Adult category. The prize is awarded to the book and its narrator both, and the winners will be crowned in March 2016 at the Grand Audiobook Gala in Stockholm.

Special honorary award to Liza Marklund

The Swedish Academy of Crime Writers has awarded Liza Marklund with a special honorary award. Marklund completed her Annika Bengtzon-series earlier this year with The Final Word as the concluding installment, and has now been awarded by the Academy for her “pioneering contribution to the modern female crime wave.”

‘Iron Blood’ No. 1 in Sweden

Liza Marklund’s critically acclaimed Iron Blood, the eleventh and final novel featuring crime reporter Annika Bengtzon, has soared to No. 1 on the Swedish bestseller list.

Liza Marklund one of 2015’s most addictive authors

Liza Marklund's Borderline, the ninth novel featuring crime reporter Annika Bengtzon, has been named one of 2015's most addictive books by Kirkus Reviews.

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