‘In Every Moment We Are Still Alive’ chosen as an Indies Introduce title

Tom Malmquist’s In Every Moment We Are Still Alive has been chosen as an American Booksellers Association Indies Introduce title in the US. Indies Introduce is a program created to promote debut authors at independent bookstores in America. Each season a panel of booksellers reads debut works submitted to them by publishers, and choose ten titles for the special honor of being included on their list of recommended titles. In Every Moment We Are Still Alive has been chosen for the Winter / Spring 2018 list. Below are two blurbs by panel members.

“Malmquist’s writing style is unlike any I’ve recently experienced. He captures the ordinariness of daily life and of systems—medical, government—and the mundane choices we must make as citizens of these worlds. His ear for dialogue, be it in sterile hospital quarters or with family and friends, makes you feel present and privileged to be part of the conversation.”
-Janine De Boisblanc, Orinda Books (Orinda, CA)

“Tom’s girlfriend, Karin, is his soulmate. They are in love and about to start a family, but the birth of their daughter, Livia, reveals a terrible truth: Karin has leukemia. As Tom is left to mourn her death and raise their daughter on his own, he wavers between rage and depression and struggles with the challenges of his new life. This remarkable, partially biographical debut novel will make your heart ache with empathy, then send your spirit soaring with hope. It’s sad, funny, devastating, and encouraging, all in one package. Readers who appreciate real, accessible characters and those who may be struggling with questions thrown at them by life’s unexpected turmoil will love the chance to embrace this novel. Book clubs are urged to not overlook a chance for serious discussion on the topic of untimely death, responsibility fulfilled, and hope for the future.”
-Linda Bond, Auntie’s Bookstore (Spokane, WA)

‘Yes No Maybe’ winner of two awards at the Fuengirola International Film Festival

Yes No Maybe, directed and written by Mads Rosenkrantz Grage, has won the Fuengirola Web Fest Award, part of the Official Webseries Section at the 6th Fuengirola International Film Festival. Mads Rosenkrantz Grage himself also won an award for ‘Best Director of Webseries’ with Yes No Maybe.

‘Deeds of Fall’ published in Sweden

It’s a late summer’s eve in 1990 and five childhood friends have set up camp by their secret bathing spot, a closed quarry on one of southern Sweden’s mountain ridges. The mood is effervescent, but under the surface tensions run deep. Though the evening is supposed to be a last farewell to their childhoods and each other, not everyone is ready to let go, or be left behind. When dawn breaks and the first fall rain has subsided, a body is floating in the dark waters of the quarry. The police label it a tragic accident, but not everyone is convinced.

For twenty-seven years, the accident remains an open wound in the community, a conflict waiting to catch fire. When the old chief of police is replaced by Anna Vesper, a newly arrived homicide detective from Stockholm, things start moving. Soon Anna is left with no choice but to ignore all warnings and reopen the case from that autumn in 1990. An autumn that few will admit to remembering, but nonetheless refuses to be forgotten.

Deeds of Fall is the second installment in Anders de la Motte’s series of stand-alone suspense novels set in southern Sweden.

‘Island of Souls’ published in Finland

An autumn night in 1891, Kristina Andersson drowns her two sleeping children in the Aura river. When their pale faces have faded from view she rows home. The next morning regret sets in, but it’s too late. Kristina is sent to the asylum on Själö, an island in the Åbo archipelago. It’s a place few ever leave.

Forty years later, it’s seventeen-year-old Elli’s turn. The daughter of a bourgeois family, Elli wants something more than what the rigid structure of her family home can offer. She gets a summer job at an office, falls head over heels in love and runs away only to be embroiled in a Bonnie and Clyde-style set-up by a spurned lover. When she’s caught she too is brought to Själö, where time seems to have come to a standstill. The nurse Sigrid becomes the link between Kristina and Elli, the old and the new. But time is threatening to catch up with Själö and its inhabitants. War is brewing in Europe and will soon touch their shores too.

Johanna Holmström’s evocative and striking tale Island of Souls has its basis in reality and the tragic human fates that permeated the walls of the real-life asylum on Själö. Island of Souls is a novel about motherhood, the evil, the good, and the utterly ordinary. About the price that three women must pay for their weakness, longing, love, sorrow and friendship. But most of all perhaps, it is a book about madness, and how its definition has shifted as it has been used on women throughout time.

‘Hinterlands’ No. 1 in Germany

Hinterlands, the second installment in Arne Dahl’s series about Berger and Blom, is No. 1 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list.

The Swedish bestseller lists for August

The official Swedish bestseller list for August is in, and Lars Kepler comes in at No. 2 on the paperback list with The Rabbit Hunter. Anders de la Motte’s End of Summer is right behind at No. 3, and Fredrik Backman occupies the No. 4 spot with Beartown.

Fredrik Backman also features at No. 4 on the hardcover list with his latest novel, Us Against You. On the audio book and e-book list Jens Lapidus comes in at No. 2 and No. 3 with Top Dog. Jonas Bonnier’s The Helicopter Heist is No. 4 on the audio list.

‘The Hills’ published in Norway

The restaurant The Hills stands at the center of Matias Faldbakken’s new novel, a story of waiters and regulars, chandeliers and cloakroom attendants, mezzanines and storage cellars, bar managers and in-house pianists. It’s a continental interior that greets the visitor as they enter the premises, a downtrodden mosaic of concentric circles on the floor and walls covered in portraits, drawings, paintings and stamps. The one who guides the reader through this landscape is a waiter at the establishment, a veteran of thirteen years. With utter discretion and a complete knowledge of all that goes on in his domain, he is the eyes and ears of the novel.

The ideas and ambience of old Europe are carefully guarded at the run-down restaurant. A well-established order wherein everything has its place rules, and little to nothing of the outside world intrudes. Until the threat of unrest and change comes anyway, in the innocuous form of a young woman quietly taking a seat among the regulars.

The Hills is an unexpected, smart and entertaining novel about collapsing structures and a world caught somewhere between diligence and decay. Matias Faldbakken possesses a rare talent for observation and an uncompromising eye for detail and humor as he pushes the performances of the novel to the point of absurdity, and does so in a manner that evokes a sense of unease as well as gravity.

Full-length international trailer for ‘The Snowman’ released

‘Hinterlands’ No. 2 in Germany

Arne Dahl’s Hinterlands, the thrilling sequel to Watching You, has gone straight to No. 2 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list after being published in Germany just last week.

Fredrik Backman and Anders de la Motte No. 1 in Sweden

Fredrik Backman’s Us Against You, the stand-alone sequel to Beartown, comes in at No. 1 on the official Swedish bestseller list for e-books and No. 3 on the hardcover bestseller list. Beartown also features at No. 3, on the paperback list.

Anders de la Motte’s End of Summer meanwhile occupies the No. 1 spot on the same paperback bestseller list.

‘The Katharina Code’ No. 1 in Norway

The first installment in the already critically acclaimed new series by Jørn Lier Horst, The Katharina Code, is No. 1 on the official Norwegian bestseller list for fiction, all formats. The Katharina Code was published just over a week ago in Norway.

‘The Katharina Code’ published in Norway

It’s that time of the year. For the twenty-fourth time, William Wisting gets out the papers from when Katharina Haugen disappeared. The case was never solved, and every year since Wisting has called on Katharina’s husband, Martin Haugen. The steady contact between the police inspector and the bereaved husband has over the years developed into a friendship. But this year, Haugen’s house stands empty and dark when Wisting arrives. On the anniversary of his wife’s disappearance, Martin Haugen has gone missing.

The same day, Kripos investigator Adrian Stiller comes to see Wisting. A young cold case investigator for the National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos), Stiller has uncovered a connection between Katharina’s disappearance and the missing person case he’s working on. The two must join efforts, but the collaboration with the complex Stiller will be a challenge for the experienced Wisting. The two driven investigators must all the same find a starting point they can agree on, and use their combined capabilities to solve the case.

The Katharina Code is the first installment in Jørn Lier Horst’s compelling new crime fiction series, the Cold Case Quartet.

Kristina Ohlsson No. 5 in Germany

Kristina Ohlsson’s Buried Lies celebrates its 20th consecutive week on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for paperbacks in Germany, where it comes in at No. 5.

‘Us Against You’ published in Sweden

It’s so easy to get people to hate one another, you wonder why we do anything but.

Us Against You tells the story of the months after the terrible events that shook Beartown last spring. Best friends Maya and Ana spend the summer on a hidden island, trying to leave the world behind, but nothing goes as they hope. Beartown and Hed’s rivalry grows into a furious struggle for money, power and survival that explodes as their hockey teams meet. When a player’s most closely guarded secret is revealed, a whole community is forced to show what it really wants to stand for.

They will say that the violence came to Beartown that year, but it will be a lie. The violence was already there.

Fredrik Backman’s Us Against You, the stand-alone sequel to Beartown, is a powerful depiction of the poignant and striking relationships of a small town. It’s a story about loyalty, friendship, and a love that challenges everything.

‘Buried Lies’ No. 4 in Germany

Kristina Ohlsson’s Buried Lies, the first book in the Martin Benner diptych, is No. 4 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for paperbacks in Germany.

‘East of the Abyss’ published in Sweden

Tbilisi, July 2016. Pauline Hollister has secrets, dark ones. The businesswoman turns to Ludwig Licht, now working for the security company EXPLCO’s Georgian branch. But before she can tell him everything she knows, Pauline disappears.

Meanwhile, the Caucasian republic is fraying at the seams due to a series of terror attacks in the capital. In the North, Russia’s presence looms greater than ever. What was it Pauline wanted to tell Licht – what has she set in motion? Ludwig is soon facing his most dangerous, not to mention ruthless, opponent to date: a man he used to know as his superior in the Stasi.

East of the Abyss is the fourth and final installment in Thomas Engström’s award-winning series about Ludwig Licht, former Stasi agent and star CIA spy in the DDR turned freelancing problem solver.

Jens Lapidus, Lars Kepler and Arne Dahl on the Swedish bestseller lists for July

Jens Lapidus’ Top Dog is No. 2 on the official Swedish hardcover bestseller list for the month of July. The novel also comes in at No. 2 on the e-book list, and No. 3 on the audiobook list.

On the list of most sold paperbacks, Lars Kepler’s The Rabbit Hunter makes yet another appearance, coming in at No. 4. Arne Dahl’s Watching You occupies the No. 4 position on the audiobook list.

‘The Thirst’ most popular novel in Norway during first half of 2017

Jo Nesbø’s The Thirst is the most sold novel during the first half of 2017 in Norway, according to the Booksellers Association’s list – a list including all books written in, as well as translated into, Norwegian.

‘Buried Lies’ No. 3 in Germany

The first installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s Martin Benner diptych, Buried Lies, stays at No. 3 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list also this week. It is the novel’s 18th week on the list.

Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes dominate the Norwegian children’s books bestseller list

Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes feature heavily on the official Norwegian list of most sold children’s books during the first half of 2017. Their Operation Pirate, the eleventh Detective Agency No. 2 book, comes in at No. 2 on the list. It’s followed by Jørn Lier Horst’s The Einstein Mystery, from his CLUE series for older children, at No. 3 and then the activity book The Search for The Thief’s Thief at No. 4.

The Detective Agency No. 2 series also occupies the No. 2 and No. 3 spot on the children’s books bestseller list for July. The most recent activity book of the series, The Search for The Thief’s Thief, comes in at No. 2, and Operation Pirate at No. 3.