Teaser trailer for ‘Box 21’

An official teaser trailer has now been released for the upcoming TV-series Box 21, based on the acclaimed crime novel by Roslund & Hellström. The series will premiere on the Swedish streaming platform Viaplay on January 17.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1794 climbs the hardcover list, coming in at No. 2 on the official bestseller list for week 49 in Sweden. The novel also features at No. 3 on the e-book list.

Photo: Dusk to Dawn I

Mr. Tophat nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award

Mr. Tophat’s debut album suite, Dusk to Dawn part I, II & III, is one of five nominees for a Swedish Grammy Award in the category ‘Best Electro/Dance 2020’.
The Swedish Grammy Awards ceremony will be held on February 6 in Stockholm, where the winner will be announced.

‘We Are Five’ shortlisted for the Oslo Award 2019

Matias Faldbakken’s novel We Are Five is one of three novels that have been shortlisted for the Norwegian magazine Natt og Dag’s 2019 Oslo Award for ‘Best Novel of the Year’. In the article where the nominees are revealed, We Are Five is highlighted as Faldbakken’s best novel to date.

The winner will be announced on January 31, 2020. To vote, click “Read more” below.

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‘Beartown’ and ‘Us Against You’ awarded the LiveLib Readers’ Choice Awards 2019

Fredrik Backman has won the Russian LiveLib Readers’ Choice Award 2019 in two categories. Beartown has won ‘Best Translated Fiction’ and Us Against You has won ‘Most Anticipated Novel’. LiveLib is the biggest readers portal in the country.

Trailer release for ‘Witch Hunt’

Siv Rajendram Eliassen and Anna Bache-Wiig’s latest TV-series creation, Witch Hunt, is the story of how one single action can trigger a scandal of national proportions with consequences reaching as far up as Norway’s elite. With a focus on power struggles and corruption, Rajendram Eliassen and Bache-Wiig delve deep into the psychological, relational and political consequences of whistleblowing.

Witch Hunt is produced by Miso Film Norway and will premiere on TV 2 Norway in early 2020.

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The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Niklas Natt och Dag’s long-running bestseller 1794 lands the No. 1 spot on the hardcover bestseller list for week 48.

Photo: Kiefer Lee

New single from Kleerup

Today Kleerup releases a new single featuring the Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona. The single, titled I Need Love, is the second one from the forthcoming album 2, due for release in February 2020. The album will include collaborations with both Swedish and international artists and will be Kleerup’s first solo in over 10 years.

Earlier this year Kleerup released his first new single from the album, with vocals from the UK band AlunaGeorge.

The November bestseller lists in Sweden

The official Swedish bestseller lists for November see Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1794 appear at No. 3 in hardcover, and No. 5 in e-book. Anders de la Motte’s Dead of Winter claims the No. 3 spot on the paperback list.

The November bestseller list for children’s fiction in Norway

Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes are the undefeated champions of the official bestseller list for children’s fiction in Norway, claiming the top spot also on the latest monthly list. The No. 1 title of November is their latest Christmas short story, The Search for the Snowflake, featuring another adventure with the Detective Agency No. 2 duo Tiril and Oliver. Operation Radius, the sixteenth installment in the Detective Agency series, meanwhile lands the No. 2 spot on the list.

‘The Fallout’ No. 3 in Iceland

The Fallout, Yrsa Sigurdardóttir’s sixth novel about Freyja & Huldar, is No. 3 on the official Icelandic bestseller list this month.

‘Stray Bullets’ shortlisted for the Great Audiobook Award - Mofibo Awards

Katrine Engberg’s thrilling novel Stray Bullets is nominated for the Great Audiobook Award - Mofibo Awards in the category ‘Best Crime and Suspense’. Mofibo Awards is the first ever audiobook award in Denmark. The winners will be presented on February 26, 2020. To vote, click “Read more” below.

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‘The Dog Park’ sold to 20 territories

Sofi Oksanen’s The Dog Park has now been sold to 20 territories!

In Sofi Oksanen’s The Dog Park, modern-day Helsinki intertwines with the past of Ukraine’s post-Soviet independence. The corruption of the East meets and feeds the greed of the West, and at this intersection stand two women. Their story of loyalty, love and broken trust play out against a backdrop of power struggles – between influential families, and between the sexes as the lifegiving ability of the female body becomes a lucrative commodity.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

This week, Anders de la Motte’s Dead of Winter celebrates its fourth consecutive week at No. 1 on the official Swedish paperback bestseller list. Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1794 makes a repeat showing as well, coming in at No. 5 in hardcover also this week, and climbing the e-book list to No. 3.

The weekly Norwegian bestseller lists

Stefan Ahnhem and Jørn Lier Horst continue to feature on the official Norwegian bestseller lists. They each grab a spot on week 46’s e-book list, Ahnhem’s X Ways to Die coming in at No. 4, and Horst’s Ill Will at No. 5.

‘We Are Five’ shortlisted for the Norwegian Radio’s Literary Award

Matias Faldbakken’s We Are Five has been shortlisted for one of the most prestigious literary awards in Norway, the Norwegian Radio’s Literary Award. The prize is awarded by NRK and the winner will be announced in February, 2020.
Previous winners include Linn Ullmann and Karl Ove Knausgård.

We Are Five has already been lauded by NRK in a recent review:

We Are Five can be read straight off as an entertaining, gruesome and, a quarter in, grim story. It is also possible to reflect on how fragile the normality is, and how easy it is to go from an uncomplicated everyday-life into the completely uncontrollable. /…/ [Matias Faldbakken] is a master at slowly building the tension. /…/ The analytic [reader] will find pleasure in studying how seamlessly and elegantly the author moves between rural realism and familiar Norwegian family dynamics, into a set of completely different genres. It’s so good it hurts.”