Anders de la Motte winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award

Anders de la Motte’s latest novel UltiMatum was yesterday chosen as the winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for ‘Best Swedish Crime Novel of 2015’. Hailed as a novel of international class also by Swedish press, the Academy praised the book as a “thrilling and intricately crafted modern yarn.” UltiMatum, the second stand-alone in the series about David Sarac, is Anders de la Motte’s fifth novel to date.

‘Stockholm Delete’ published in Sweden

Emelie Jansson: a newly minted lawyer at a polished law firm. Teddy: an ex-con trying to stay on the right side of the law as he goes about his job as the firm’s fixer and special investigator. In Stockholm Delete the two are entangled in a snarly web with deep connections to Stockholm’s many worlds, where history is never a thing of the past, and always ready to threaten those who lived it.

When an alarm is triggered, a security guard is called to a house out on Värmdö. What awaits him isn’t a regular break-in, but an unidentifiable body: someone has been slaughtered in the house. A severely wounded young man is discovered near the crime scene. He is arrested on suspicion of having committed the murder. Emelie secretly takes on the task of acting as his defence lawyer, despite her employer’s disapproval. Who is the murder victim? And why do all the trails lead to Mats Emanuelsson, the man Teddy once kidnapped? As Emilie begins to investigate the case, Teddy is forced to confront his past, and all the while his wayward nephew Nikola is about to make the very same mistakes he once did. Soon the three have been caught up in a high stakes game promising dire consequences for them all.

The Finnish State Award for Foreign Translators to Janina Orlov

It has just been announced that Sofi Oksanen’s Swedish translator Janina Orlov has been awarded the 2015 Finnish State Award for Foreign Translators. The annual award is given to an experienced translator of the Finnish language, and this year the chosen recipient is Janina Orlov, who thus far has translated more than 30 works into the Swedish language. Orlov’s critically acclaimed translations have helped make Finnish contemporary literature known among Swedish readers of all generations, and she speaks enthusiastically about the high quality of Finnish literature, as well as the increased interest for it among publishers that she sees. Currently, she is working on Sofi Oksanen’s latest novel Norma.

‘The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep’ No. 1 in Japan

Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin’s The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep has shot to No. 1 on Japanese Amazon’s bestseller lists of children’s picture books and books on psychology. In addition to this, the only just published Japanese edition is also the overall No. 1 on Amazon’s biggest competitor Rakuten’s bestseller list.

Jo Nesbø’s ‘The Son’ shortlisted for LovelyBooks’ Der Leserpreis

Jo Nesbø’s stand-alone thriller The Son has been shortlisted for LovelyBooks’ Der Leserpreis (Readers’ Choice Award) for ‘Best Crime & Thriller of 2015’. Der Leserpreis is the biggest people’s choice book award in Germany, and the winner will be announced on November 26th. The public can vote here until November 24th.

‘Midnight Sun’ and ‘The Son’ by Jo Nesbø are dominating the Czech bestseller lists

Jo Nesbø’s The Son was a steady No. 1 on the official Czech bestseller list for an entire month, only to be replaced by the author’s own new novel Midnight Sun two weeks ago. Midnight Sun is the highly anticipated follow-up to Nesbø’s Blood on Snow.

‘The Mystery of Hester Hill’ published in Sweden

Meg and Frank are spending the summer holiday at their Uncle Eliot and Carl’s home at Hester Hill. But no sooner have the siblings arrived at the big, old mansion than strange things start to happen.

Where is the baby that Meg hears crying at night? Who is the girl with the plait that’s waiting at the deserted train station? And what was the great misfortune that once threatened to befall not only Hester Hill, but the entire village? Meg and Frank soon find themselves embroiled in a mystery dating back to the early 20th century. A mystery that will not only have them traveling deep into the secret rooms and tunnels of Hester Hill, but also changing the course of history as they do so.

Kristina Ohlsson’s The Mystery of Hester Hill is a delightfully chilling suspense novel for children.

Photo: Maria von Hausswolff

New Screenwriter - Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten

Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten (b. 1962) is an internationally renowned screenwriter and script consultant known for the celebrated feature film Call Girl (2012), directed by Mikael Marcimain. Call Girl premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, where it was awarded with the 2012 Fipresci Award and then went on to receive 11 Guldbagge nominations at the 2012 Official Swedish Film Awards, there among in the category ‘Best Script’. Marietta has a background within television, both as a story editor and as a screenwriter, writing for popular TV series such as Skilda Världar (1996-1999), Tre Kronor (1994-1999), and SVT’s Christmas calendar Allrams Höjdarpaket (2004).

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Photo: Thomas A.

‘The Cult’ No. 1 in Denmark

Michael Katz Krefeld’s The Cult is the No. 1 best selling book in Denmark. The third installment in Krefeld’s series about former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt, The Cult is a chilling tale of a closed-off world with its own set of rules.

Photo: Toni Härkönen

‘Norma’ sold to 20 territories

Sofi Oksanen’s Norma has now been sold to 20 territories! The novel, a spellbinding and dark stand-alone, remains No. 1 on the official Finnish bestseller list.

Jens Lapidus and Anders de la Motte shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award

Jens Lapidus’ Stockholm Delete and Anders de la Motte’s UltiMatum have both been shortlisted for the 2015 Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for ‘Best Swedish Crime Novel’. The winner of the prestigious award will be announced November 22nd.

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‘Modus’ renewed for second season

Swedish TV4 has announced that the channel has ordered a second season of its hit TV-series Modus. Based on Anne Holt’s novels about Inger Johanne Vik, Modus has been a success among viewers and critics alike, on average reaching 1.039 million viewers per episode. In addition to this, hundreds of thousands of viewers have been following the series on TV4’s online streaming service. With its extraordinary ratings, Modus is the most successful Scandinavian TV series to have been aired on TV4 in 25 years.

Anne Holt says: “I am both proud and happy that Modus will continue for another season. As an author, it has been a pleasure to see ones universe treated as elegantly and professionally in the adaptation from book to TV, and I look forward to a continued collaboration with TV4 and Miso Film.”

Jo Nesbø shortlisted for the Brage Prize

Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun is shortlisted for the highly regarded Brage Prize. The Brage Prize is Norway’s most prestigious literary award that is awarded annually by the Norwegian Book Prize foundation in the following categories: Fiction, Children’s literature, Non-fiction and an open class that varies each year. This year it is Crime literature.

An excerpt from the jury’s motivation reads: “Like Blood on Snow, this novel deviates from his earlier works in style and form. The novel is above all well-written, with an impeccable drive and excellent character, time and environmental depictions.”

The winner will be announced at a ceremony in Oslo on December 8th 2015.

‘The Cult’ published in Denmark

Former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt is trying to move on with his life after the murder of his girlfriend. He is approached by director Ferdinand Mesmer, a prominent businessman, with what appears to be a simple job: find Mesmer’s son Jakob. Ten years ago, Jakob founded the cult God’s Chosen and disappeared. Now, his father wants to track him down.

The Cult is a chilling tale of a closed-off world with its own set of rules, and the secret past that now threatens its existence. It is the third instalment in Michael Katz Krefeld’s immensely popular series about former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt.

Photo: Linnéa Pettersson

New Screenwriter - Malin Lagerlöf

Screenwriter and playwright Malin Lagerlöf (b.1968) began her career writing for the stage, and has crafted more than a dozen plays for theatres around Sweden. Lagerlöf’s career in film and TV took off in 1999 when she wrote the feature film Vägen Ut, which was nominated for a Guldbagge at the 1999 Official Swedish Film Awards in the category ‘Best screenplay’. The success was quickly followed by the popular feature films Hans och Hennes (2001) and Miffo (2003). Known for her diversity as a writer, Lagerlöf easily moves between writing for the stage, feature film, and TV series such as Wallander (2013) and the acclaimed Bibliotekstjuven (2011), nominated for a 2011 Kristallen Award in the category ‘Best Drama Series’.

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Photo: Appendix fotografi

New Screenwriters – Matthew Reeve and Anna Lo Westlin

Matthew Reeve (b. 1979) is an American screenwriter, director and producer based in Stockholm. His debut film, the documentary Hope in Motion (2003), was nominated for an Emmy in the category ‘Best Non-Fiction Special’, and short-listed for a Bafta in the category ‘Best Television Single Documentary’. The film and its sequel, Choosing Hope (2004), were released on DVD in 2007.

Anna Lo Westlin (b.1984) is a screenwriter, director and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Westlin began her film career in New York as a Production Associate for Killer Films, working on movies such as I’m Not There (2007), Savage Grace (2007) and Then She Found Me (2007). She soon moved on to working as a manager of finance and later as an acquisitions executive at renowned film distribution company Magnolia Pictures. In 2014, Anna Lo received the Ingmar Bergman residency scholarship and has most recently written and directed the short drama thriller Ladies Who Lunch (2016).

Matthew Reeve and Anna Lo Westlin write separately as well as a duo.

‘Viva Hate’ wins Prix Europa 2015

The TV-series Viva Hate, written by Peter Birro, was awarded the 2015 Prix Europa in the category ‘Best European TV fiction serial or mini series’. An excerpt from the jury’s motivation reads: “The series gives us warm-hearted comedy with the rhythm and passion of fireworks. The magnificent script moves forward with extraordinary power and the directing adds great momentum. The series starts off like an earthquake – and just keeps building from there.”

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