Famke Janssen joins the cast of ‘The Postcard Killings’

X-Men’s Famke Janssen has joined the cast of The Postcard Killings, the movie adaptation of Liza Marklund’s and James Patterson’s bestselling crime thriller novel The Postcard Killers. The film is a chilling crime story following the hardened New York Detective Jacob Kanon, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead, Watchmen) who is intent on capturing his daughter’s murderer. Janssen will play Valerie Kanon, the mother of their now deceased daughter. Across Europe, newlywed couples are being targeted in a string of bizarre killings that leave the young victims’ bodies looking like the murders have been staged.
Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic, who won an Oscar for No Man’s Land directs the pic.
Screenplay is written by Liza Marklund and Andrew Stern.
The film, produced by Good Films Collective, began shooting in March, working across London, Norway and Stockholm.

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‘The Hypnotist – The Black Edition’

In 2009, Lars Kepler’s The Hypnotist became the start of one of Scandinavia’s most successful authorships in history. To celebrate the novel’s 10-year anniversary, Alexandra and Alexander have rewritten the labyrinthine thriller, which has to date been published in sixty countries. The Hypnotist – The Black Edition will reflect how much Lars Kepler have grown as thriller writers since their debut. The pace has been ramped up, the chapters tightened, the dialogue rewritten, new scenes have been added, and Joona Linna has been given a bigger role.

The Black Edition is the new official The Hypnotist and will replace the original book. It will be published in Sweden on June 11th, in trade paperback as well as audio and e-book.

‘The Magical Heart’ winner of Book of the Year 2018 in Norway

Kristina Ohlsson’s moving children’s book The Magical Heart has been announced as one of the two winners of the Norwegian Book of the Year 2018 award in the ‘5-7th grade’ category. The award is arranged by Stavanger bibliotek, and this year 290 school classes participated in process of reading the nominated works and then voting for their favorite.

Fredrik Backman winner of the Piraten Award

Fredrik Backman is the recipient of the 2019 Piraten Award, a prestigious Swedish culture and arts award handed out by the Fritiof Nilsson Piraten Society. Backman is the youngest author to have received the prize. The jury motivates their choice thusly:

“Since his triumphant debut, a work whose echoes still reverberate worldwide, this year’s winner has become one of our most beloved storytellers. He portrays the ordinary person and all of her hardships with warmth and empathy. He mixes humor with gravity in true Piraten spirit, and is always on the side of the weak in his depictions of our time.”

The Fritiof Nilsson Piraten Society was founded in honor of author Fritiof Nilsson Piraten and is Sweden’s largest literary society. Previous winners of the award include Peter Englund, Kristina Lugn, Leif GW Persson and Gösta Ekman. The award will be handed out in July in Kivik in southern Sweden.

Lars Kepler winner of Pocisk’s Best Translated Crime Novel of 2018

Lars Kepler is the winner of the Polish crime-fiction magazine Pocisk’s award for Best Translated Crime Novel of 2018 for their sixth installment in the Joona Linna series, The Rabbit Hunter. The award was handed over to the authors during a ceremony at the Warsaw Crime Festival on May 18th.

Fredrik Backman, Ulf Lundell and Roslund & Hellström on the Swedish bestseller lists

Week 19’s official Swedish bestseller lists see Fredrik Backman and Ulf Lundell appear at No. 3 and No. 4 on the hardcover list, Backman taking the former spot with Anxious People, and Lundell the latter with Weekdays 2. Both titles also feature on the ebook list, where Weekdays 2 is No. 3 and Anxious People is No. 5. Roslund & Hellström meanwhile come in at No. 5 on the paperback list with Three Hours.

Hedvig Montgomery and Horst & Enger No. 1 in Norway

Hedvig Montgomery and Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger each snag a No. 1 spot on the official Norwegian bestseller lists for week 19 (May 6-12). Hedvig Montgomery is No. 1 on the nonfiction list with The Kindergarten Age, and Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger’s Death Deserved is No. 1 on the paperback list.

‘The Wolf and the Watchman’ sold to 35 territories

Niklas Natt och Dag’s international bestseller The Wolf and the Watchman has now been sold to 35 territories! A compelling, vivid, and utterly fascinating portrait of Stockholm at the end of the 18th Century, The Wolf and the Watchman is Natt och Dag’s award-winning debut work.

Jo Nesbø and Yrsa Sigurdardóttir on Sunday Times’ list of 100 best thrillers since 1945

The Sunday Times has presented a carefully curated list of the very best crime and spy novels to be published since 1945, and among the illustrious authors and titles featured are Jo Nesbø’s The Snowman and Yrsa Sigurdardóttir’s The Silence of the Sea. Nesbø and Sigurdardóttir are joined on the list by iconic names like Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming and Henning Mankell.

Lars Kepler nominated for Pocisk’s Best Translated Crime Novel of 2018

Lars Kepler’s The Rabbit Hunter has been nominated for the Polish crime-fiction magazine Pocisk’s award for Best Translated Crime Novel of 2018. Pocisk is the biggest magazine for crime readers in Poland, and will announce their winner during the Warsaw Crime Festival on May 18th.

Jørn Lier Horst presented with the 2019 Petrona Award

Jørn Lier Horst is the winner of the 2019 Petrona Award for ‘Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year’ for The Katharina Code. This marks the second time that Horst received the prestigious award - he first did so in 2016 with The Caveman.

The jury motivates their choice of the novel and Horst with the following official comment:

“From the code’s intriguing introduction in the novel’s opening pages to the duel of wits at its end, Jørn Lier Horst has crafted an outstanding and thrilling police procedural. The judges were particularly impressed with how the author takes established tropes – the ‘cold case’, the longstanding suspect, the dogged nature of policework – and combines them in ways that are innovative and fresh. The Katharina Code is the seventh novel in Horst’s ‘William Wisting’ series to be superbly translated by Anne Bruce from Norwegian into English, and a highly worthy winner of the 2019 Petrona Award.”

Niklas Natt och Dag longlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger

Niklas Natt och Dag’s The Wolf and the Watchman has been longlisted for the prestigious 2019 Ian Fleming Steel Dagger.

Named after the iconic author Ian Fleming, the award is given to a title that fits the broadest definition of the thriller novel - it can be set in any period and include, but not be limited to, spy fiction and/or action/adventure stories. All in the spirit of Fleming, who said there was one essential criterion for a good thriller – that “one simply has to turn the pages.”

The winners of all the CWA Daggers will be announced at the Dagger Award Dinner in London, on October 24th.

Jørn Lier Horst longlisted for the CWA International Dagger

Jørn Lier Horst’s The Katharina Code has been longlisted for the prestigious 2019 CWA International Dagger Award. The winners of all the CWA Daggers will be announced at the Dagger Award Dinner in London, on October 24th.

The April bestseller lists in Sweden

The official Swedish bestseller lists for the month of April see the repeat appearance of some familiar authorships and titles, starting with Lars Kepler and Lazarus, which comes in at No. 3 in hardcover this month. The seventh Joona Linna novel has featured on the monthly lists since October.

Next on the hardcover lists is Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s A Higher Justice, coming in at No. 4 this April. The author duo is followed by Fredrik Backman, whose Anxious People debuts on the monthly lists at No. 5 both in hardcover and audio.

The paperback list has Stefan Ahnhem appear at No. 3 with Motive X, the fourth Fabian Risk novel. Stina Jackson nabs the No. 5 spot with The Silver Road, which also features at No. 2 on the e-book list. Jackson’s debut novel has been on the monthly paperback bestseller lists since December last year.

Photo: Stig Jarnes

Sara Johnsen joins Salomonsson Agency

The award-winning Norwegian director Sara Johnsen is one of Scandinavia’s most distinguished directors and writers. In addition to penning and directing TV-series and feature films, Johnsen is the author of two novels: White Man, and He Knows Something She Can Try.

Her first feature film, Kissed by Winter (2005), received fantastic reviews, became Norway’s submission to the Academy Awards, won the Grand Jury Prize at AFI Fest and was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council Film Prize. Her second feature, Upperdog (2009), was received with great acclamation and became a box office success. Upperdog was presented with the Norwegian Film Critics Award and became the big winner at that year’s Amanda Awards.

All That Matters Is Past (2012) had its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and was nominated for ‘Best Nordic Film’ at the Gothenburg Film Festival.

Johnsen is currently working on 22 July, a series about the everyday heroes who took action following the terror attack in Norway on July 22nd, 2011. The anticipated series, created by Johnsen and Pål Sletaune, will premiere early 2020.

Fredrik Backman, Ulf Lundell and Roslund & Hellström on the Swedish bestseller lists

The official bestseller lists of week 18 (April 29th - May 5th) see Fredrik Backman once more claim the No. 2 spot on the hardcover list with Anxious People. The title also features on the audio and e-book lists, where it comes in at No. 3 and No. 4 respectively.

Ulf Lundell makes his debut on the bestseller lists with the just published Weekdays 2, which is No. 3 in hardcover and No. 3 in e-book.

Roslund & Hellström likewise make an appearance with their bestseller Three Hours, which comes in at No. 4 in paperback.

Horst & Enger and Hedvig Montgomery No. 1 and No. 2 in Norway

Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger’s Death Deserved is back at No. 1 on the official Norwegian bestseller list for paperbacks. The duo is joined by Hedvig Montgomery, who lands the No. 2 spot on the nonfiction list with The Kindergarten Age, the just published third installment in her Parental Magic series, a set of five books to guide any parent or guardian through even the toughest childrearing issues.

Simon Stålenhag shortlisted for a Locus Award

Simon Stålenhag’s The Electric State is shortlisted for a 2019 Locus Award in the category ‘Art Book’.

The Locus Awards are an annual set of literary awards bestowed by the American science fiction and fantasy magazine Locus. The award winners will be selected through a readers’ poll, and announced during the Locus Awards Weekend in Seattle, June 28th-30th.