Spindeln The Spider

Joona Linna #9

Three years ago, Saga Bauer received a postcard with a threating message about a gun with nine white bullets – one of them intended for Joona Linna – and Saga was the only one that could save him. Saga showed the postcard to Joona, but time passed and the threat faded as a meaningless provocation. Until now.

A bag with an almost completely dissolved body is found strapped to a tree in Kapellskär. A milky-white cartridge is found at the murder scene. Through complex riddles, a bestial perpetrator appears to give the police the opportunity to stop the series of murders.

Joona Linna and Saga Bauer fight side by side to solve the puzzle and save the chosen victims before it’s too late. The violent hunt becomes increasingly desperate. Maybe this killer is impossible to stop, maybe they are already stuck in the spider’s web.

The Spider was the most sold novel in Sweden of 2022.

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Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best Suspense) Sweden 2023
Thrillzone Awards (Best Translated Crime Novel of the Year) Netherlands 2023
Shortlisted for the Mofibo Awards (Best Translated Fiction of the Year) Denmark 2023
The Adlibris Award (Best Crime Fiction) Sweden 2022
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  • “Sheer reading pleasure!”

    Het Parool, The Netherlands

  • “Kepler knows how to create a page-turner and stick to their tried-and-true and highly successful recipe from previous novels in the series. The story is skilfully constructed, without a single slow passage or unnecessary turn, with smart twists and mounting suspense. You binge the book like a Netflix show.”

    Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

  • “[The Spider] is a true page-turner and hard to put down.”

    VeckoRevyn, Sweden

  • “Since their crime novel debut with The Hypnotist in 2009, Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahdoril – the duo behind Lars Kepler – have provided Sweden and the world with magnificent entertainment and have earned a reputation for writing some of the most brutal Nordic crime novels. The Spider definitely lives up to these expectations. /…/ There is no doubt that Kepler is extremely careful with their research. Details and knowledge from many different areas are presented here. /…/ The Spider is a well-written, entertaining, and action-packed adventure, a hunt for a killer packed with big emotions, a fast pace and a lot at stake.”

    Kristianstadsbladet, Sweden

  • “[The Spider] is a suspenseful story with a fast pace and a lot of action. Lars Kepler knows the art of creating tension.”

    Ölandsbladet, Sweden

Photo: Ewa-Marie Rundquist Lars Kepler
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