Anders Hansen & Mats Wänblad

Anders Hansen (b. 1974) is a psychiatrist, speaker, and popular TV show host with his own docuseries about the mysteries of the human brain. Hansen has published several bestselling books and is arguably Sweden’s favorite expert on the topic of the brain and health matters. To date, he has sold more than 2 million copies and spent nearly one consecutive year on the Swedish bestseller list.

Mats Wänblad (b. 1964)  is an author of children’s and young adult books. He also translates films and books, gives lectures on storytelling technique, and holds writing courses for all ages.


Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best YA) Sweden – Depphjärnan för unga The Happiness Cure for Teens 2023
The Adlibris Award (YA Book of the Year) Sweden – Depphjärnan för unga The Happiness Cure for Teens 2022
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The winners of the Adlibris Awards 2022

The winning titles of the 2022’s Adlibris Awards have been announced. Lars Kepler’s The Spider wins ‘Crime Novel of the Year’, Anders Hansen & Mats Wänblad’s The Happiness Cure for Teens  wins ‘Young Adult of the Year’ and Martin Widmark takes home ‘Children’s book 6-12 of the Year’ with his The Masquerade Mystery.

Adlibris is the leading book retailer in the Nordics and the Adlibris Award was founded in 2019 to celebrate the site’s greatest titles.

The Storytel Awards 2023 Shortlist Announced

The nominees for this year’s Swedish Storytel Awards have been announced. The Storytel Awards have been bestowed since 2007 in Sweden to highlight the best audio books of the year. The awards are granted within six categories: Suspense, Fiction, Non-fiction, Feelgood, YA, and Children’s books.

Among the nominees for suspense are Lars Kepler’s The Spider, Anders de la Motte’s The Mountain King, Kristina Ohlsson’s Dimmed Lights, Anders de la Motte and Måns Nilsson’s Death Goes Antiquing, and Liza Marklund’s The Mire.

The Details by Ia Genberg is featured within the fiction category.

Meanwhile, Anders Hansen and Mats Wänblad’s The Happiness Cure for Teens and Elaf Ali’s Who Said Anything About Love? feature on the YA list, whilst Martin Widmark’s The Masquerade Mystery and Stories from Valleby: The mysterious letter are in the running for the children’s books award.

Readers will be able to vote for their favorite works until February 5, after which a jury will pick a winner among the three candidates with the most votes in each category.

To cast your vote, click “Read more” below.

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Natthiko Lindeblad, Hansen and Wänblad on Sweden’s quarterly bestseller lists

Björn Natthiko Lindeblad’s I May Be Wrong is the No. 1 highest grossing non-fiction title of the first quarter of 2022 in Sweden, as well as the No. 4 highest grossing book across all genres. On the quarterly non-fiction list he is joined by Anders Hansen, whose book Brain Blues comes in at No. 2. Hansen’s collaborative title with Mats Wänblad, Insta-Brain Junior, meanwhile is the No. 1 highest grossing title in the quarterly list for children’s fiction.


‘Insta-Brain Junior’ published in Sweden

Do you know someone who hangs out in front of the screen a little too much? Perhaps they always choose the screen over some other fun activity. Maybe you have a little too much screen time yourself?

When the smartphones ended up in each and every pocket, we suddenly gained access to a fantastic world of possibilities, just the push of a button away. But what does hours and hours of screen time really do to our own and – perhaps most importantly – our children and adolescents’ brains?

In Insta-Brain Junior, you will learn to avoid the pitfalls of allowing the smart gadgets to take control of you and your life. You simply have to make sure to do other things as well! The book is based on (partially updated) facts out of Anders Hansen’s bestselling book Insta-brain from 2019, but modified into a completely new edition for the younger readers.