Vem har sagt något om kärlek?

Vem har sagt något om kärlek? Who Said Anything About Love?

It’s an ordinary Wednesday night when the phone rings and Elaf’s father answers. She hears him grow upset and a second later he storms into her room. It was a boy asking for her on the phone, and she understands that it’s David, the boy who’s been pestering her for her number. It’s an innocent flirtation – they haven’t even met in real life – but her father sees his worst nightmare about to come true: Elaf getting a boyfriend.

Who Said Anything About Love? is a personal and poignant depiction of a life marked by honour oppression. A direct insight into the rules of conduct and prohibitions that permeated the upbringing of the author, and the memories of a daily oppression that the people who were closest to her exerted. It is also a story about the courage it takes to go one’s own way, and come to terms with one’s parents’ worldview and the history that’s shaped it.

Who Said Anything About Love? stretches across three decades, and interspersed with the plotlines are honour-related factual sections and interviews with the author’s parents, who share how they relate to such honour standards today.


The Carl von Linné Plaque Sweden 2022
The Adlibris Award (YA Book of the Year) Sweden 2021
Kristianstadsbladet’s Culture and Entertainment Award Sweden 2021
Kvist’s scholarship Sweden 2021
Slangbellan (Shortlisted for the debutant prize) Sweden 2021
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  • “Captivating and important about honour oppression […] Ali writes straightforward and accessibly and it’s clear that the book is aimed at a young audience. That doesn’t stop a full-grown person like the undersigned from devouring it in one sitting. ”

    Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “It shows that people can change, and that to fight honor oppression, it is crucial to understand how it happens. Yet that is neither the most important nor the strongest lesson to be learnt from Ali’s book. […] Instead, it is this: those who live under honor oppression are not alone in their experiences. Understanding that can be decisive for daring and wanting to raise the alarm about one’s situation. ”

    UNT, Sweden

  • “A heart rendering and important story about the everyday hell it means to live in an honourary oppressive culture. /…/ With a journalistic and objective distance, she balances the autobiographical elements through facts and interviews. She gives the reader a broad and multifaceted picture of cultural clashes, integration, issues of responsibility and honourary oppression, but also love. This is a harrowing and pressing story that everyone should read in order to understand the complexity of the culture of honour. ”

    The Carl von Linné Plaque Jury, Sweden

  • Whoever Said Anything About Love is probably the most important book of the year, it depicts the oppression of honor from within. ”

    BTJ, Sweden

Photo: Hugo Thambert Elaf Ali
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