Depphjärnan för unga

Depphjärnan för unga The Happiness Cure for Teens

Did you know that your brain’s most important job is to keep you alive? But how? Well, by using emotions, both positive and negative, to guide your behaviors. All tricks are allowed, even manipulating our own memories, so that they will have the best possible effect. But there is a problem. The brain was developed in a different time, with different threats and dangers than in our modern world. This leads to us sometimes feeling threatened, stressed out, or even depressed, without really understanding why.

The Happiness Cure for Teens explains how our emotions arise and why they exist. It can bring both comfort and strength to realize that there is nothing wrong with us just because we feel bad – sometimes it can even be the smartest thing to do.


Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best YA) Sweden 2023
The Adlibris Award (YA Book of the Year) Sweden 2022
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Anders Hansen & Mats Wänblad
  • Children’s non-fiction
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