Den röda vargen

Den röda vargen Red Wolf

Annika Bengtzon #5

In the middle of the freezing winter, a journalist is murdered in the northern Swedish town of Luleå. Crime reporter Annika Bengtzon suspects that the killing is linked to an attack against an air base in the late sixties. Against the explicit orders of her boss, Annika continues her investigation into the death, which is soon followed by a series of shocking murders. Annika is drawn into a spiral of terrorism and violence centered around a small communist group called The Beasts. Meanwhile, her marriage starts to slide, and in the end she is not only determined to find out the truth, but also forced to question her own husband’s honesty.

Red Wolf is the fifth installment in Liza Marklund’s internationally bestselling crime series featuring crime reporter Annika Bengtzon.


  • “Bengtzon hangs on to the uncompromising ethics and sense of justice that make her a welcome figure in the ranks of Scandinavian sleuths.”

    New York Times, US

  • “An exceptionally well-crafted and suspenseful work.”

    Daily Mirror, UK

  • “With this thriller, her best yet, Liza Marklund further cements her position as the Nordic Queen of Crime. /…/ The story winds its way through the forested Swedish north in the present, portraying a society which still battles its history on both sides of the political center. I have yet again to say that with this… suspenseful thriller, Marklund has made herself even more comfortable on the throne as Scandinavia’s Queen of Crime.”

    Politiken, Denmark

  • “In the journalist Annika, Marklund has created an original, sympathetic and overall down-to-earth, believable heroine … Marklund’s method is reminiscent of that of her successful colleague Henning Mankell: the crime novel as a mirror of society…”

    Der Spiegel, Germany

  • “Marklund is a straightforward and dedicated storyteller, who doesn’t fuss and who maintains an open view on our time. Her plots are intricate and solidly drawn, and in The Red Wolf her writing is more confident than before.”

    Expressen, Sweden

  • “Liza Marklund has delivered a novel that is not only her best work to date, but simply a great novel all the way through; high in suspense, believable, and relevant to its readers.”

    NRK, Norway

  • “There is constant action, and the story’s inner logic is as robust as traditional Swedish fare, cooked up with the primary produce that Marklund presents like a TV chef.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • “Fascinating turns guarantee an edge-of-your-seat experience until the very last page.”

    Cosmopolitan, Finland

  • “Liza Marklund’s best Bengtzon novel. It has an exciting plot and is effectively told.”

    Sydsvenskan, Sweden

  • “Marklund is clearly team captain among the female crime writers in Scandinavia.”

    Nordjyske Stiftstidende, Denmark

  • “A thriller that sucks you in, and which has all the elements necessary to a suspenseful crime story: authenticity, intensity, surprises and, of course, suspense. And it has the sort of ending that good crime novels such as this one should have: a surprising one.”

    Nordlys, Norway

  • “The well-worked plot, the vivid evocations of midwinter on the Arctic Circle and middle-class life in Stockholm and, above all, the credible characters make this an outstandingly good thriller.”

    The Literary Review, UK

  • “In the fifth book of her internationally best-selling series, Marklund blends the sociology and politics of contemporary Sweden with a taut mystery, capturing the Scandinavian chill as she builds suspense to an eminently satisfying conclusion. This excellent addition to the Nordic crime scene will also appeal to readers who enjoyed her outing this summer with James Patterson in The Postcard Killers.”

    Library Journal, US

  • “Marklund’s superb fifth novel featuring Stockholm journalist Annika Bengtzon… /…/ Marklund imbues Annika with a fierce intensity without sacrificing her vulnerability.”

    Publishers Weekly, US

  • “Marklund writes a taut thriller that makes a natural read – alike to Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy.”

    Booklist, US

  • “For entertaining, breezy crime tales, get to know Marklund’s tough female tabloid reporter Annika Bengtzon”

    Los Angeles Times, US

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