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Studio sex Exposed

Annika Bengtzon #2

Rookie reporter Annika Bengtzon has just started a summer post at a major Stockholm tabloid. But before she has had the slightest chance to adapt to the fast-paced world of journalism, the naked body of a young woman is found at a cemetery. A stripper has been raped and strangled, and the prime suspect is a government minister. Annika quickly realizes that this could become her breakthrough story. But as she exposes the dark underworld of sex clubs, she draws herself dangerously deep into the same world of sex and violence.

Exposed is the second installment in Liza Marklund’s internationally bestselling crime series featuring crime reporter Annika Bengtzon.


The Swedish Union’s Award (Author of the Year) Sweden 1999
Shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award (Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year) Sweden 1999
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  • “The efforts of the independent, gutsy reporter to establish the truth make for an enjoyable and fast-paced thriller.”

    The Times, UK

  • “Sweden’s new cult character!”

    Der Spiegel, Germany

  • Exposed is set eight years before Liza Marklund’s The Bomber, and it’s a more substantial book, with stronger characterisation and psychological insight. /…/ It’s a cleverly structured story with an unexpected twist at the end.”

    Sunday Telegraph, UK

  • “Marklund is a first-rate commercial author. /…/ Marklund observes carefully; the images she uses to evoke things, atmospheres, and people seem to come easily: even under the pressure of a looming editorial deadline, these images retain the correct caption. /…/ Marklund’s prose flows lightly from her pen, without becoming orotund and prolix.”

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

  • “[Exposed] will definitely appeal to fans of Patricia Cornwell and Jan Burke.”

    Library Journal, US

  • “Required reading for fans of high voltage suspense.”

    Freundin, Germany

  • “An excellent crime novel that zooms in on the exposed situation of women in society. The ending, which concerns Annika Bengtzon personally, is magnificent.”

    Sydsvenskan, Sweden

  • “Marklund’s thrillers deserve their success, they have a lot more to give than just a viable, unexpected crime plot. The vivid and believable setting is Marklund’s greatest merit.”

    Etelä-Saimaa, Finland

  • “Annika Bengtzon is a walking vitamin injection for the Swedish crime novel.”

    Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “… an excellent crime novel, elegantly crowned with a cynical ending of good old mark.”

    Dagbladet, Norway

  • “The similarities between authors Marklund and Larsson includes an incredible knack for weaving complicated stories into very readable and compelling thrillers.”

    The Southland Times, New Zealand

  • “[Liza Marklund] has a distinctive voice, and she features an engaging central character in the person of the demon investigative newspaper reporter Annika Bengtzon.”

    Toronto Star, Canada

Photo: Annika Marklund Liza Marklund
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