Hjärnstark Junior

Hjärnstark Junior The Real Happy Pill Junior

The Real Happy Pill Junior is written by Anders Hansen in collaboration with children’s and young adult author Mats Wänblad, and tells you all about how physical activity can boost your brain in terms of concentration, mood, sleep, and much more. In this junior version of the successful The Real Happy Pill, everything has been reworked to suit a younger audience.

Engaging and accessible illustrations and text explain how the cleverest – not to mention most mysterious – organ of all works, also giving some inspirational tips for how to exercise more. All for the sake of the reader becoming a happier, stronger – and yes, smarter even – young person! Exercise is the absolute best tool to give your brain an “upgrade,” allowing you to think faster and switch gears when the going gets tough. And, perhaps best of all? It’ll even improve your gaming skills.


  • “This kid friendly version of Anders Hansen’s mega success The Real Happy Pill is perfect for today’s sedentary generation. It is easy to read, exciting and inspiring. There are books I wish many people will read. This is one of them.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • “Easy to understand and the message is clear and is repeated through all of the parts in the book – there is a miracle medicine that makes you calmer, happier, less stressed, improves your memory and also makes you better at computer games! That medicine is called ‘Get moving’ /…/ The facts are well anchored in science and the message is more relevant than ever.”

    BTJ, Sweden

Anders Hansen & Mats Wänblad
  • Children’s non-fiction
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