Skärmhjärnan junior

Skärmhjärnan junior Insta-Brain Junior

Do you know someone who hangs out in front of the screen a little too much? Perhaps they always choose the screen over some other fun activity. Maybe you have a little too much screen time yourself?

When the smartphones ended up in each and every pocket, we suddenly gained access to a fantastic world of possibilities, just the push of a button away. But what does hours and hours of screen time really do to our own and – perhaps most importantly – our children and adolescents’ brains?

In Insta-Brain Junior, you will learn to avoid the pitfalls of allowing the smart gadgets to take control of you and your life. You simply have to make sure to do other things as well! The book is based on (partially updated) facts out of Anders Hansen’s bestselling book Insta-brain from 2019, but modified into a completely new edition for the younger readers.

Anders Hansen & Mats Wänblad
  • Children’s non-fiction
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