Fördel ADHD

Fördel ADHD The ADHD Advantage

Do you know someone who’s highly driven, creative, fearless, questioning, flexible, stubborn and enterprising? Someone who often thinks outside the box and is able to shrug off almost every adversity? Perhaps you are that person? Seeing all these positive qualities lined up, you might be surprised to learn that they are traits typical to people with ADHD – a disorder that has long been considered problematic.

Today we believe that these partially hereditary traits were essential to our ancestors’ survival. People who didn’t have the energy to hunt or weren’t able to hyperfocus on the savannah either died of starvation or became prey themselves. It was quite simply advantageous to have these traits that we now label as a disorder. We also know that all of us have some degree of ADHD, and that we are all on the spectrum – some far off at one end and some at the other.

Learn how to turn this diagnosis into an asset, whether it’s for yourself or your child, and how to handle the negative aspects. Find a sense of joy in the fact that we aren’t all the same, with the same personalities. Different is best!

Anders Hansen
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