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Kristina Ohlsson

Kristina Ohlsson (b. 1979) is one of Sweden’s most successful authors of crime fiction and children’s books. Before becoming a full-time writer in 2012, Kristina worked for the OSCE (the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), the Swedish Security Service, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her crime fiction novels about Fredrika Bergman have repeatedly been shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for ‘Best Crime Novel of the Year’, and featured prominently on bestseller lists all over the world. The novels also earned her the 2010 Stabilo Prize for ‘Best Crime Writer of Southern Sweden’. Kristina Ohlsson has rapidly established herself as highly popular author with a broad fan base of adults as well as children.

“No one creates intrigues like she does. It is simply brilliant.”
Maj Sjöwall

“The writing is tense, dense and very atmospheric. The stories sharp and impossible to let go. Kristina Ohlsson is a true queen of scandinavian crime.”
Mons Kallentoft

“Kristina Ohlssons has managed to do what many before her have tried: to take the Swedish crime novel to a new and unexpected level.”
Arne Dahl


Fredrika Bergman

Martin Benner

The Glass Children Trilogy

The Monster Trilogy


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The Grand Audiobook Prize 2016

Lars Kepler’s The Rabbit Hunter, Roslund & Hellström’s Three Minutes, Kristina Ohlsson’s Blighted Souls, Anne Holt’s Offline, and Leif GW Persson’s Can One Die Twice? have all been shortlisted for the Swedish book award The Grand Audiobook Prize in the Suspense category.

Real American Jeans by Jan Guillou is shortlisted in the Literary Fiction category and Kristina Ohlsson’s The Mystery of Hester Hill is shortlisted in the Children’s Books category.

The winners of The Grand Audiobook Prize will be crowned in March 2017 at an award gala in Stockholm. To vote for your favorite author and audiobook, click “Read more” below.

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‘The Magical Heart’ published in Sweden

Roberta’s best friend Charlotte is seriously ill. She needs a new heart, and fast. At an auction, Roberta comes across a globe she’s told is magical. If you succeed at a very special mission, it just might grant you your most fervent wish. Straight away Roberta sees in the globe the chance to save Charlotte’s life. Together with her friend Eric, she sets out to rescue Charlotte and make her well again. But will they make it before it’s too late?

The Magical Heart is Kristina Ohlsson's latest children’s book, and a moving story about the strength one can find in the unconditional love between friends.

‘Lotus’ Blues’ No. 1 in Iceland

Lotus’ Blues, the first installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s heart-stopping diptych about Martin Benner, is the No. 1 best selling novel on the Icelandic bestseller list for August.

Kristina Ohlsson shortlisted for the Crimetime Specsavers Award

Kristina Ohlsson and her Glass Children Trilogy and Zombie Fever have been shortlisted for the first ever Crimetime Specsavers Award in the category ‘Children’s Crime Fiction of the Year’. The award will be handed out in connection with the Crimetime festival in Gotland, Sweden, on August 20th. The authors shortlisted have all contributed to increasing children’s interest in reading by writing suspense or crime fiction for ages 6-12.

Kristina Ohlsson wins Latvian children’s choice award

Kristina Ohlsson’s The Glass Children has won the Latvian National Library Children’s Literature Centre’s Award for best book in the category ‘Ages 11+’. The award, which now celebrates its 15th year, is handed out every February. The winning authors are chosen by the readers of Latvia, who can vote for their favorite after the candidates are announced by an expert jury. In 2015, 18.963 young readers and 680 libraries and schools participated in the vote.

The Grand Audiobook Prize 2015

Kristina Ohlsson’s Mio’s Blues, Liza Marklund’s The Final Word, Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun, Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s Those Who Failed, Jens Lapidus’ Stockholm Delete and Leif GW Persson’s The Bomb Maker and his Woman have been shortlisted for the Swedish book award The Grand Audiobook Prize in the Crime & Thriller category. The Blue Star by Jan Guillou is shortlisted in the Literary Fiction category and Kristina Ohlsson’s The Glass Children and The Silver Boy are shortlisted in the Children’s & Young Adult category. The prize is awarded to the book and its narrator both, and the winners will be crowned in March 2016 at the Grand Audiobook Gala in Stockholm.

‘The Mystery of Hester Hill’ published in Sweden

Meg and Frank are spending the summer holiday at their Uncle Eliot and Carl’s home at Hester Hill. But no sooner have the siblings arrived at the big, old mansion than strange things start to happen.

Where is the baby that Meg hears crying at night? Who is the girl with the plait that’s waiting at the deserted train station? And what was the great misfortune that once threatened to befall not only Hester Hill, but the entire village? Meg and Frank soon find themselves embroiled in a mystery dating back to the early 20th century. A mystery that will not only have them traveling deep into the secret rooms and tunnels of Hester Hill, but also changing the course of history as they do so.

Kristina Ohlsson’s The Mystery of Hester Hill is a delightfully chilling suspense novel for children.

The Silver Boy awarded the Swedish Booksellers' Association's Prize 2014

Kristina Ohlsson's The Silver Boy has been awarded the Swedish Booksellers' Association’s 2014 'Your book – Our choice' prize. The prize is awarded to one author of children’s books and one author of regular fiction each year.

The Silver Boy awarded the Swedish Book Jury’s Prize

Kristina Ohlsson's The Silver Boy has been awarded the Swedish Book Jury's Prize 2014 for ‘Best Novel of the Year’ in the category ‘Ages 9 to 12.’ The winner of the annual award is decided by the readers’ vote; this year approximately 36,000 children participated.

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