Varulvens hemlighet

Varulvens hemlighet The Werewolf’s Secret

The Monster Trilogy #2

The forest is ablaze in Eldsala. And it doesn’t appear to be an accident: somebody is deliberately setting the fires. But that’s not all. At dusk, Herbert can hear eerie howls and glimpse big doglike creatures among the trees. The two friends Herbert and Sally are drawn into a mystery far more dangerous than any would have dared imagine. Will they be able to save Eldsala?

The Werewolf’s Secret is the stand-alone sequel to the hit children’s book Zombie Fever, and the second installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s Monster Trilogy.


The Crimetime Specsavers Award (Children’s Crime Fiction of the Year) Sweden 2017
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  • “A suspenseful and scary story. 5 out of 5.”

    Kamratposten, Sweden

  • “Ohlsson’s new children’s novel is a real page-turner; it’s a story with momentum as well as suspense and mythical elements. I don’t think I’m mistaken when I say that there’ll be many who’ll be keeping an eye out for the third stand-alone installment!”

    Bokkoll, Sweden

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist Kristina Ohlsson
  • Children’s horror
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