Det magiska hjärtat

Det magiska hjärtat The Magical Heart

Children's stand-alone #

“What’s so strange about being scared of dying?”

Roberta’s best friend Charlotte is seriously ill. She needs a new heart, and fast. At an auction, Roberta comes across a globe she’s told is magical. If you succeed at a very special mission, it just might grant you your most fervent wish. Straight away Roberta sees in the globe the chance to save Charlotte’s life. Together with her friend Eric, she sets out to rescue Charlotte and make her well again. But will they make it before it’s too late?


Book of the Year 2018 (Grades 5-7) Norway 2018
Shortlisted for the Swedish Radio’s Children’s Novel Award Sweden 2017
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  • The Magical Heart is a lovely, beautiful, vital, a bit sad and fantastically good story. I just can’t stop reading. /…/ It deals with and touches on subjects like friendship, life, illness, and death in an amazing way, and I wish all children in our oblong country would read it. Perhaps with an adult close by who can answer questions and reflections that might come up.”

    Bokmalen, Sweden

  • “It’s an exciting fight against time with the two children’s brave quest and the friendship between Roberta and Charlotte at the center. At the same time, the book deals with fears, in particular the one of death, in a manner that’s both very strong and beautiful. /…/ Summed up it is a both thrilling and touching book with a heart-rending ending. It will be perfect as a read-aloud novel in upper primary school, if one isn’t afraid of shedding a tear or two while reading.”

    Boklus, Sweden

  • “This is a story that celebrates the power of imagination, but also one that talks about death without sidestepping the issue. Roberta’s feelings are believable and as a child I think you’d appreciate the clear message, but also the strong hope that can be seen throughout the book. Here there are many lovely character portraits, and if you liked the Glass Children series you won’t be disappointed. But above all The Magical Heart is a perfect book to read aloud: it’s always a great thing, being able to share great and small questions.”

    Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

  • “Illness, strong and beautiful friendships, parents who wish well but don’t quite get it. The Magical Heart is just WOW! I love it so much.”

    Prickiga Paula, Sweden

  • “The [cover] image promises mystery, magic and suspense. And that is just what you get. Plus a bit of melancholy and sorrow in a lovely mix.”

    Ge mig boken!, Sweden

  • “As always it’s thrilling when Kristina Ohlsson writes, if somewhat more low-key than usual this time. Charlotte’s bad heart makes it real, and I too feel it in my heart. Important questions are brought up, about death and why most are scared of it.”

    Bokfreak, Sweden

  • “[The Magical Heart is] Kristina Ohlsson’s best and bravest novel so far.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist Kristina Ohlsson
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China, Beijing White Horse Time (Simplified Chinese)

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Taiwan, Linking (Complex Chinese)

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