Spökbyrån – Fallet med den stora tågolyckan

Spökbyrån – Fallet med den stora tågolyckan The Ghost Detectives and the Case of the Great Train Wreck

The Ghost Detectives #4

Hazy Valley’s train station will finally reopen. It has been closed for a hundred years. Elsa and Kalle from The Ghost Detectives are there to watch the festivities. But there will be no initiation! A ghost sabotages the trains, so they don’t arrive. And it’s not the first time… The mayor is desperate and asks The Ghost Detectives for help. Who is the ghost and why doesn’t it want the trains to stop in Hazy Valley? The tension rises – will Elsa and Kalle manage to solve the case before the train company closes the station forever?

The Ghost Detectives and the Case of the Great Train Wreck is the fourth installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s spine-tingling, humorous and clever series for the younger readers. Moa Wallin is the illustrator behind the vibrant and atmospheric images.


  • “Kristina Ohlsson’s books have become great hits with kids who like thrills and mysteries.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • The Case of the Great Train Wreck has a clever mystery and short sentences, which should appeal to those looking for a good read-along book for elementary school readers.

    BTJ, Sweden

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist Kristina Ohlsson
  • Children’s suspense
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Latvia, Zvaigzne ABC

Lithuania, LWU Publishers

Slovenia, Mis Zalozba

Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

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