Spökbyrån – Fallet med den rysliga skuggan

Spökbyrån – Fallet med den rysliga skuggan The Ghost Detectives and the Case of the Ghastly Shadow

The Ghost Detectives #1

Welcome to The Ghost Detectives, Misty Valley’s own ER for ghostly matters. At your service are Elsa and Carl, who know most things about ghosts. This time around, Frans Fransson desperately needs their help. His apartment is haunted and he can’t sleep at night due to all the racket the ghost is making! Someone keeps smashing the china in the kitchen, turning the lights on and off and dragging books out of the book case. And sometimes a shadow appears in the middle of the floor, even though there’s no one there! How is it all connected? As always, the key is to understand what the ghost is trying to communicate. So who is this ghastly shadow and what does it want?

The Ghost Detectives and the Case of the Ghastly Shadow is the first stand-alone installment in Kristina Ohlsson’s spine-tingling, humorous and clever new series for the younger readers. Moa Wallin is the illustrator behind the vibrant and atmospheric images.


  • In the new series The Ghost Detectives by Sweden’s thriller queen Kristina Ohlsson, the primary school reader can revel in puzzle-solving. /…/ In the The Case of the Ghastly Shadow the thrills are constant in a narrative driven forward by words and imagery working together in a fantastic symbiosis. Moa Wallin’s excellent illustrations serve to elevate and deepen the content with incredible warmth. Elsa and Carl interact with their surroundings, both in word and imagery, with a great humility for everyone’s differences and the reader is left hoping for their return in the near future. 

    BTJ, Sweden

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist Kristina Ohlsson
  • Children’s suspense
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