Sjalusimannen og andre fortellinger

Sjalusimannen og andre fortellinger The Jealousy Man and Other Stories

Short Story Collection #1

A Greek police detective has become an expert on jealousy thanks to some hard-earned lessons from his private life. When a German tourist is reported missing on the island of Kalymnos, he is the one they send for. Far away, in another country, a taxi driver finds his wife’s earring in a car belonging to the company owner. How did it end up there? And high above, a woman is sitting in a plane headed to London, about to end her own life in the wake of her husband’s affair with her best friend. But who is the man sitting next to her?

The Jealousy Man and Other Stories consists of the stories London, The Jealousy Man, The Line, Trash, The Confession, Odd and The Earring and is a collection of stories revolving around humanity’s most powerful emotions. In classic Nesbø style, we watch as the potentially fatal outcomes of jealousy, desire, and infidelity play out.

Mystery Tribune “17 best crime, mystery, and thriller books of October 2021”


‘London’ Shortlisted for the CWA Short Story Dagger UK 2022
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  • “In his first short-story collection, Nesbø, author of the bestselling Harry Hole series, showcases the key ingredients that distinguish his novels: devilishly constructed plots in which the flashes of human feeling exhibited by deeply flawed characters are in continual danger of being snuffed out by the darkness within. So it is in these 12 stories, which track the soul-killing effects of either jealousy (the first seven stories) or power (the final five). Some, including the exceptional title story, about a Greek cop with a preternatural knack for detecting jealousy as a motive for murder, run to nearly novella length but never feel like undernourished novels in search of another 200 pages. Whether a story hinges on a shocking twist (the Hitchcockian chiller London), on a character’s gradual recognition of where his demons have led him (Trash), or on the world-building necessary to construct a post pandemic dystopia in which our most repressed hungers run rampant (Rat Island), Nesbø unveils his deeply unsettling revelations at the perfect tempo.”

    Booklist, US

  • “The 12 tales in this impressive collection from bestseller Nesbø blend taut suspense with sharply limned characters. /…/ Frederick Forsyth fans will be enthralled.”

    Publishers Weekly *Starred Review*, US

  • “Jo Nesbø is one of the most talented writers working today. His mostly Norwegian-based mysteries and thrillers are top-notch. He has proven his ability to succeed with the terrific Harry Hole series, as well as stand-alone novels like The Kingdom and Headhunters, which are modern-day classics. So I was more than a little intrigued to read his first collection of short stories, The Jealousy Man. Each of these stories could be a primer in the seven deadly sins, as it seems Nesbø focuses on a different one in each tale. He divides the pieces into different subcategories, and you will understand why once you read them all. /…/ At some point in the collection, Nesbø writes, “In fiction great narrative power is often vested in a single look. In a literary sense the convention helps the writer tell his story well, and sometimes to great effect.” I could not have encapsulated my thoughts about The Jealousy Man and Other Stories any better than this.”

    Bookreporter, US

  • “A No. 1 New York Times best-selling author with an unparalleled capacity for freezing our blood, Nesbø offers a packed story collection. /…/ Be prepared; Hollywood has already grabbed three of these stories.”

    Library Journal, US

  • “Nesbø delivers stories ranging from dystopian visions to time-honored tales of duplicity and revenge. /…/ Nesbø is at his best in the long, wonderfully atmospheric title story, which shows off his gift for pulling one story out of another.”

    Kirkus Reviews, US

  • “As unremitting a work as any of the novels in the Hole series or last year’s well-received standalone thriller The Kingdom. /…/ Pure, sharp, classic Nesbø.”

    Anniston Star, US

  • “Jo Nesbø is known the world over as a consummate mystery/thriller writer. Famed for his deft characterization, hair-raising suspense and shocking twists, Nesbø’s dexterity with the dark corners of the human heart is on full display in these inventive and enthralling stories. /…/ With Nesbø’s characteristic gift for outstanding atmosphere and gut-wrenching revelations, The Jealousy Man confirms that he is at the peak of his abilities.”

    Mystery Tribune, US

  • “560 pages of chills inflicted by assortment of creeps /…/ Not for the faint of heart.”

    The Millions, US

  • “A lethally entertaining collection of stories. /…/ Style and prose are in the vein of old-fashioned tales of destiny with a twisted end. Of the well-written kind, which was served with flair and elegy by Somerset Maugham and Stefan Zweig in the interwar period. /…/ In recent years, [Nesbø] has stepped away from his original blood bank and written books – such as The Jealousy Man – which shows that he is in every way one of the world’s most well-writing established crime writers.”


    Politiken, Denmark

  • “There’s hardly anyone who like Jo Nesbø is able to place powerful emotions, understated religious norms, and archetypal actors within the frameworks of a crime novel and turn it into something both skillful, relevant and suspenseful. With The Jealousy Man and Other Stories, the Norwegian author once again shows that he is in a league of his own. /…/ With his sharp pen, he transforms the seemingly banal and insignificant into important turning points in his tales of destiny, and with both humor and horror he portrays all and sundry, reason and reactions, society and contemporary time.”

    Berlingske, Denmark

  • “Absolutely brilliant /…/ Suspenseful and well-written.”

    Sydsvenskan, Sweden

  • “Both the prose, the milieau depictions, and the build-up of the suspense are well-executed. /…/ This is unmistakably Nesbø. The same clear, concise prose and the same almost biblical primordial motifs that we remember from last year’s novel, The Kingdom.”

    Verdens Gang, Norway

  • “Nesbø in high form. Jo Nesbø’s stories in The Jealousy Man and Other Stories are well-observed, well-told, and excellent entertainment – with some emphasis. /…/ A humor that leans quite heavy towards the dark end of the spectrum. /…/ By mastering his pace, seeing his characters for who they are, and giving allowing himself room for minute milieau observions, Nesbø has written seven stories that all hold true.”

    NRK, Norway

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