Kan Doktor Proktor redde jula?

Kan Doktor Proktor redde jula? Can Doctor Proctor Save Christmas?

Doctor Proctor #5

Doctor Proctor, Lisa and Nilly are back in a zany Christmas adventure from Norway’s most successful writer.

Can Doctor Proctor save Christmas? That is the question on everyone’s mind when Mr. Thrane buys the rights to celebrating Christmas and millions of children all over the world are in danger of never getting their presents. Together with Lisa and Nilly, Proctor has to ally with Father Christmas himself, who certainly isn’t the huggable, grandpa-like figure they thought he was.


  • “Flowingly and cheerfully written, with many messages to the reader, it’s easy to think that this is a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But look at how it’s all put together, how even tiny joking comments come to drive the plot pages later, and how all of it comes together in a perfect and just a bit sugary conclusion. This is what great adventure stories look like.”


    Dagbladet, Norway

Photo: Stian Broch Jo Nesbø
  • Children's
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