Anders de la Motte

Anders de la Motte (b. 1971) made his debut in 2010 with [geim], which won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ ‘First Book Award’. He is a former Police Officer and was until recently Director of Security at one of the world’s largest IT companies. He is currently an International Security Consultant. With his blend of fast-paced suspense and humor, Anders de la Motte is one of Sweden's most exciting and innovative new thriller writers. Anders de la Motte is the author of six novels so far.


David Sarac

The Game Trilogy


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‘End of Summer’ published in Sweden

Late one summer night in 1983, a five-year-old boy disappears from a remote ranch on the southern Swedish plains. The only trace he leaves behind is a shoe out in the cornfields. Despite the joined efforts of the community, the boy remains missing and rumors and suspicions run wild. When the fumbling investigation is finally closed, the sorrow and uncertainty cause the boy’s family to slowly fall to pieces.

Twenty years later, the missing boy’s older sister Veronica is guiding a group therapy session in Stockholm. Suddenly a young man joins the group and begins to share stories from his childhood, bewildering memories of a boy’s disappearance. His story is frighteningly familiar and unsettles Veronica. Reluctantly she is forced to put the fragile peace she has built at risk and return to southern Sweden and the broken family she left behind. She must find the answer to the question everyone had turned away from. What really happened that summer night?

Winner of the 2015 Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for best novel of the year, Anders de la Motte has returned with a new, chilling and atmospheric crime novel. End of Summer is a suspenseful novel about old wrongs and deeply buried family secrets.

Anders de la Motte winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award

Anders de la Motte’s latest novel UltiMatum was yesterday chosen as the winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for ‘Best Swedish Crime Novel of 2015’. Hailed as a novel of international class also by Swedish press, the Academy praised the book as a “thrilling and intricately crafted modern yarn.” UltiMatum, the second stand-alone in the series about David Sarac, is Anders de la Motte’s fifth novel to date.

Jens Lapidus and Anders de la Motte shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award

Jens Lapidus’ Stockholm Delete and Anders de la Motte’s UltiMatum have both been shortlisted for the 2015 Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for ‘Best Swedish Crime Novel’. The winner of the prestigious award will be announced November 22nd.

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‘UltiMatum’ published in Sweden

When a savaged body is found in the waters outside of the governing party’s conference centre, the case lands on detective Julia Gabrielsson’s desk. Who is the deceased and why has somebody gone to such trouble to make sure the body is unidentifiable?

UltiMatum is an adrenaline-charged and suspenseful thriller set in a ruthless world where all means are permitted in the fight for power. It is the second, stand-alone volume in the series that began with MemoRandom.