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The Game Trilogy #2

Henrik “HP” Pettersson is on the run. It’s been fourteen months since he was ensnared in a gruesome Alternate Reality Game that nearly killed him. He now has everything he could ever wish for: money, freedom and minimal responsibilities. Despite all this, something chafes at him. He misses the adrenalin that the game provided; plainly put, his comfortable new lifestyle bores him. When he meets the rich and beautiful Anna Argos in a luxurious Dubai hotel, life instantly gets more interesting. But there is something disturbing beneath Anna’s cool surface. And there’s something unsettling about her cell phone…

For Rebecca Normén, life should be easier now that her past no longer plagues her. She’s been promoted to Unit Commander of an elite bodyguard team and is about to move in with her boyfriend, yet she’s finding it hard to settle down. Everything changes when she is then notified of a web forum where an anonymous police detective is writing increasingly threatening stories – ones that are obviously about her. As their stalkers close in on HP and Rebecca, the questions also pile up. What is real? Who can you trust? And how do you protect yourself from a threat whose existence you cannot prove?

Buzz is the second installment in the Game Trilogy.


  • “One gets immediately caught up in the story. You’ll have reached the last page before you know it. /…/ All fans of Scandinavian thrillers should definitely read Anders de la Motte’s Game trilogy.”

    CJP.be, Belgium

  • Buzz is an innovative, fast and stunning thriller. Very keenly written.”

    Leestafel.info, Netherlands

  • “De la Motte is a name to remember… We are looking forward to part three!”

    Magazyn T3, Poland

  • “One of the most exciting young authors in Sweden.”

    Eurogospodarka, Poland

  • Buzz keeps up an unbelievably high pace from the beginning till the very end.”

    Xiegarnia.pl, Poland

  • “Make yourself comfortable and fasten your seatbelt. We begin the Alternative Reality Game.”

    od-deski-do-deski.blogspot.com, Poland

  • “Skillfully woven plot with a high thriller pace – one reads with bated breath and gets a considerable eye-opener as to how we use the Internet.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “Anders de la Motte yanks the reader into a disturbingly credible story and simultaneously offers an insanely entertaining read for one sitting. Game was awarded the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ ‘Debut’ and Buzz will have no problem living up to the high expectations. This is simply a true thriller delight.”

    Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “This is first class entertainment and once again [the author] creates an interesting plot in a modern cyber-reality. The fast pace from the debut novel remains, with full speed from the first page until the very last.”

    Kristianstadsbladet, Sweden

  • “[Anders de la Motte] astounds once again, now by having written an utterly thought-out, suspenseful and above all original novel that I could barely put down. /…/ The best thing with Anders de la Motte is that he has found an entirely unique voice. There is no one like him… Amazingly vibrant and refreshingly youthful language.”

    DAST Magazine, Sweden

  • “Computer game-like suspense, impossible to put down.”

    Metro, Sweden

Photo: Jeff Richt Anders de la Motte
  • Crime
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