Glasmannen The Glass Man

The Leo Asker Series #2

The Glass Man is the second installment in the highly praised Asker Series.

Detective Inspector Leonore Asker has just settled in as head of the Department of Lost Souls, a unit for odd cases, when her father contacts her after years of silence. A body with no eyes has been found on his farm; the police are chasing him, and he is desperate for Leo’s help. But is her father as innocent as he claims, or is he trying to reel Leo into his vicious grip once again?

Meanwhile, Martin Hill moves to a secluded estate to write a biography about the business leader Gunnar Irving, intrigued by the fact that the legendary property contains a private island with an abandoned astronomical observatory. Soon, Hill discovers that the area has more stories to offer – about mysterious lights and mutilated bodies. While Asker and Hill try to find answers, The Glass Man rises from the depths of darkness from which no one ever returns. Nobody but him.


  • “Out of all autumn’s crime thrillers, this one leaves the strongest impression.  ”


    Adresseavisen, Norway

  • “He writes with such ease. (…) Mysterious and very exciting.  ”

    SVT Go'kväll, Sweden

  • “(…) the story develops into a breathtaking action adventure with clear sci-fi vibes while also being a classic crime novel. /…/ The Glass Man is a reading experience set in imaginative environments and populated with the most wonderful characters.”

    Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “Anders de la Motte has skillfully put together a story that contains visits from outer space, mysterious flashes of light and the ambitions of a business leader, a story where all means are allowed. The tension is kept alive until the dramatic end when all loose ends are tied together and the truth about the Glass Man is revealed. ”

    Ölandsbladet, Sweden

  • “Anders de la Motte is skilled at creating intrigue with tension, finesse, inventiveness, and, not least, humor. It is always a real pleasure to read his books.”

    Tankar från en samlares hjärna, Sweden

  • “A very captivating plot. /…/ it is indeed thrilling. ”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • The Glass Man is a solid page-turner full of surprises and clever choices. It is also an entertaining novel with environments and characters that, despite a twisted setting, maintain contact with the ground. The almost 600 pages are devoured in no time, and the natural force that is Leo is bound to be back soon.”

    Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

  • “It’s really wicked in places, true to the character of the series, and we get a lot of priceless scenes along the way, but the author is in full control, the tension never falls (…). This is entertainment at its absolute best. It’s not at all surprising that the new series was sold to twenty countries in no time.  ”

    Kapprakt, Sweden

  • “A creepy opening kicks off the second book /…/ and the eeriness persists throughout the entire book. De la Motte is adept at creating eerie and fascinating perpetrators. ‘The Glass Man’ is even better than last year’s ‘The Mountain King,’ and it’s extremely difficult to put down.”


    Verdens Gang, Norway

  • “(…) resilient and consuming pages, tight between the elements of tension, and not a dull moment. This is an excellent sequel, where the surprises are delivered one after the other, and you cannot stop reading until the very last page is devoured.”

    Randaberg24, Norway

Photo: Jeff Richt Anders de la Motte
  • Crime
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