Bráðin The Prey

A search and rescue team is sent into the remote and isolated Icelandic highlands to search for a group of missing people. What compelled them to enter the area in the middle of the harsh winter, into darkness and snowstorms? And why did they leave what little shelter they had, underdressed and vulnerable to the harsh conditions?

Meanwhile at the isolated radar station in Stokksnes, strange events take place. Here nothing is what it seems. Be it the pool of blood discovered in the pristine snow far from civilization, a small children’s shoe unearthed after being buried for decades or the gaping black hole in the bedrock by the sea that seems to attract people…

The Prey is a blood-curling and unnerving novel, guaranteed to make you shiver. In this stunning stand-alone thriller Yrsa Sigurdardottir proves once again that ”she is a generator of fear quite as adroit as such writers as Stephen King” (The Independent).


  • The atmosphere is like a geyser erupting. At first everything seems calm, then it begins to simmer, then boil, and finally the walls come down and all hell breaks loose. The Prey may cause you sleepless nights. The story is thrilling and well-constructed, the premise scary and chilling

    Morgunblaðið, Iceland

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Photo: Lilja Birgisdóttir Yrsa Sigurdardóttir
  • Thriller
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