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Hans Rosenfeldt

Hans Rosenfeldt (b. 1964) is the creator and writer of TV-series such as The Bridge, Marcella and The Burning Girls as well as the co-author of the No. 1 internationally bestselling Sebastian Bergman series, together with Michael Hjorth.

Cry Wolf is Rosenfeldt’s first novel under his own name and the beginning of a series – the Haparanda series – that promises to be yet another milestone in Scandinavian crime fiction.


Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards (Best Suspense) Sweden – Vargasommar Cry Wolf 2020
Shortlisted for the Adlibris Awards (Best Crime Fiction) Sweden – Vargasommar Cry Wolf 2020
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Rave reviews for ‘Ronja the Robber’s Daughter’

Hans Rosenfeldt’s Ronja the Robber’s Daughter (Ronja Rövardotter) premiered on March 28 to great reviews.

Ronja the Robber’s Daughter is loaded with a new kind of darkness.

“The new TV series Ronja the Robber’s Daughter is lavish and medieval-dark, but also contemporary in terms of language and special effects. A well-played adventure with a storm of emotions. Love and friendship, hatred and vengeance against a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of natural lyricism. The first part leaves you wanting more.”
– Dagens Nyheter

“Rosenfeldt has modernized the story in ways that are obvious and expected today. There is a social conscience, the issue of robbery is problematized, background stories and traumatizing events play a more prominent role, and it’s obvious that they’ve considered gender and diversity. […] The new Ronja the Robber’s Daughter is a blend of magnificent natural lyricism and a bit of appropriately dark and scary family fantasy that maintains high quality.“
– Aftonbladet

“The series creators have been faithful to Lindgren’s spirit and unique storytelling style, while also spicing up the story with ‘modern’ elements, but preserving the unique Scandinavian style, culture, and societal portrayal. There is never any doubt that the series is a genuinely Scandinavian product that could not be recreated in an ‘Americanized’ manner. […] Without hesitation, we award a special recommendation […] to a series that impresses, entertains, and will continue to fascinate young and old alike.”
– Ljud och Bild

DN/Nicklas Thegerström Photo: DN/Nicklas Thegerström

‘Cry Wolf’ filming in Haparanda

Cry Wolf has started filming in Haparanda, a city at Sweden’s easternmost point, bordering Finland.

The six-part series is written by Oskar Söderlund, directed by Jesper Ganslandt and is based on the acclaimed novel of the same name, by Hans Rosenfeldt.

Cry Wolf stars Eliot Sumner (No Time to Die), Eva Melander (Border) and Henrik Dorsin (Triangle of Sadness).

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‘Cry Wolf’ to become TV series

Cry Wolf (Vargasommar), the acclaimed debut novel of Hans Rosenfeldt, will now be made into a TV series by writer Oskar Söderlund and director Jesper Ganslandt, the duo behind the mega hit series Snabba Cash.

Cry Wolf will star British musician-turned-actor Eliot Sumner (No Time to Die), Eva Melander (Border) and Henrik Dorsin (Triangle of Sadness).

Melander is set play Hannah Wester, a 54-year-old police officer whose quiet life in Haparanda gets turned upside down after a wolf is found dead. What appeared to be an ordinary investigation instead turns into a sprawling criminal case with connections to a bloody drug deal in Finland, sparking a series of brutal events.

Cry Wolf will start filming in in Haparanda, near the border of Finland, in July.

Hans Rosenfeldt’s ‘Cry Wolf’ on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list

Cry Wolf, Hans Rosenfeldt’s first novel under his own name and the first installment in the Haparanda series, debuts on US trade magazine Publishers Weekly’s bestseller list this week at No. 13.

‘A House to Die For’ and ‘When Crying Wolf’ on the Swedish bestseller lists

The just published first installment in Anders de la Motte & Måns Nilsson’s new whodunnit series, A House to Die For, enters the official Swedish bestseller lists this week at No. 4 in e-book and No. 5 in hardcover. Hans Rosenfeldt’s When Crying Wolf grabs the No. 3 spot on the paperback list.

More than 100.000 copies sold of ‘When Crying Wolf’ in Sweden

It’s now official that Hans Rosenfeldt’s When Crying Wolf has sold more than 100.000 copies in Sweden alone. For this achievement, Hans received the “Norstedtaren” – a trophy from his publishing house Norstedts.

The Storytel Awards 2020

The nominees for 2020’s Storytel Awards have been announced. Previously known as the Grand Audiobook Prize, the Storytel Awards have been handed out to the best audio books in Sweden since 2007. The awards are split into five categories: Suspense, Fiction, Non-fiction, YA, and Children’s books.

Among the nominees for the Suspense award are: Kristina Ohlsson’s Storm Watch, Anders Roslund’s Sweet Dreams, Stina Jackson’s The Last Snow, Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man, and Hans Rosenfeldt’s When Crying Wolf.

Simona Arhnstedt’s Hearts on the Line meanwhile features on the list of Fiction nominees, and Björn Natthiko Lindeblad’s I May Be Wrong on the Non-fiction list.

David Sundin’s audiobook adaptation of his bestselling debut, The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read, is in the running for the Children’s books’ award. In its audio form, the book is called The Audiobook That Did Not Want To End.

Fans will be able to vote for their favorites till February 28, after which a jury will pick a winner among the three candidates with the most votes in each category.

To cast your vote, click “Read more” below.

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‘When Crying Wolf’ to be made into a TV4 and C More series

TV4 and C More have acquired the rights to develop Hans Rosenfeldt’s hit novel, When Crying Wolf, for television. After such international successes as The Bridge and Marcella, Rosenfeldt’s new series of novels thus returns to Sweden, venturing into the deep forests of Haparanda.

Piodor Gustafsson, Director of Scripted Content at TV4 and C More, says:

“It will be an honor to work on Hans’ new series. He is one of our times’ greatest suspense writers. Hans has time and again proven that he can create worlds and characters that move people. It feels amazing to have gotten to bring his latest production home to Sweden and Scandinavia following recent years’ international successes.”

TV4 is Sweden’s leading independent channel and together with C More, one of the Nordic countries’ biggest and growing entertainment platforms, it has high quality drama as one of its cornerstones.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

The bestseller lists for the first week of December see Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man claim the No.1 spots on the audio and e-book lists, and the No. 2 one on the hardcover list. The No. 5 placement goes to Hans Rosenfeldt’s When Crying Wolf.

The non-fiction list has the ever popular Björn Natthiko Lindeblad appear at No. 2 with his I May Be Wrong. He is also No. 2 in audio, where he’s joined by Ulf Lundell and Weekdays 3 at No. 4.

New on the paperback list is Stina Jackson, whose just published softcover of The Last Snow is No. 2.

The Adlibris Awards 2020

The nominees for 2020’s Adlibris Awards have been announced. Adlibris is the leading book retailer in the Nordics and last year, the Adlibris Award was founded to celebrate the site’s most popular titles. 10 titles in 9 different categories are nominated by a jury of Adlibris employees, and all titles must have been published during 2020.

A new category added this year is the ‘Debutant’ one, in which Klas Ekman’s recently published Capable People can be found.

Amongst the nominated titles in the ‘Crime Fiction’ category are Stina Jackson’s The Last Snow, Hans Rosenfeldt’s When Crying Wolf, Jo Nesbø’s  The Kingdom and Lars Kepler’s The Mirror Man.

Fans have until December 8 to cast their votes in each respective category. The winners will be announced on January 25, 2021.

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The October bestseller list in Sweden

Lars Kepler’s latest title about Joona Linna, The Mirror Man, comes in first in three categories on the official Swedish bestseller lists for October. It is No. 1 in hardcover, audio, and e-books. Hans Rosenfeldt follows just behind, placing at No. 2 in hardcover and audio with When Crying Wolf. Simona Ahrnstedt’s ever popular Opposites Attract series makes its mark on the e-book list, where the latest installment – Hearts on the Line – comes in at No. 3.

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