Vargasommar When Crying Wolf

Haparanda #1

A dead wolf. A drug deal gone wrong. A female assassin of rarely seen skill. Hannah Wester, a middle-aged policewoman in the remote northern town of Haparanda, finds herself on the precipice of chaos.

When human remains are found in the stomach of a dead wolf, Hannah Wester knows that this summer won’t be like any other. The remains can soon be linked to a bloody drug deal across the border in Finland. But how did the victim end up in the woods outside of Haparanda? And where have the drugs and money gone?

Hannah and her colleagues leave no stone unturned. But time is scarce and they aren’t the only ones looking. When the secretive and deadly Katja shows up, unexpected and brutal events start to pile up. In just a few days, life in Haparanda is turned upside down. Not least for Hannah, who is finally forced to confront her own past.

Hans Rosenfeldt
  • Crime
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Bulgaria, Emas

Catalonia, Planeta

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Denmark, Politiken

Estonia, Rahva Raamat

Finland, Otava

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Greece, Metaixmio

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