Oskar Söderlund

Oskar Söderlund (b. 1978) is a celebrated Swedish screenwriter and the creator and writer of The Fat and the Angry (2014), which was directed by internationally recognized director Johan Renck. The TV series premiered on SVT in 2014 and was awarded the Silver Bird Prize in the category ‘TV Movie’ at the 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards. The series was also nominated for a Europa Prize and became the winner of the prestigious ‘Best non-English Language Drama Series’ award at the 2014 C21 International Drama Awards.

Söderlund started his career by penning the screenplay for the feature film Offside (2006) and co-authoring the storyline for the TV series How Soon Is Now?! (2007), which was directed by Mikael Marcimain. Söderlund’s work was awarded the Prix Italia and the Golden Fipa. He later developed and wrote the Swedish adaptation of Marianne Fredriksson’s modern classic Simon (2011). The film received a record-breaking 13 nominations at The Official Swedish Film Awards. Furthermore, Söderlund has been one of the writers of Saltön (2010), one of Sweden’s most popular TV series.

Söderlund is the creator and writer of the thriller drama series Greyzone (2018) which premiered in February 2018 and has received outstanding reviews both in Sweden and internationally.

Söderlund is co-creator and head writer of the Netflix original series Easy Money which premiered in April 2021 to fantastic reviews.


Kristallen Awards Nominee (Best Television Drama) Sweden – Gråzon Greyzone 2018
Prix Europa Nominee ( Best TV Fiction) – Ettor och nollor The Fat and the Angry 2014
Seoul International Drama Awards (Silver Bird Prize) South Korea – Ettor och nollor The Fat and the Angry 2014
C21 International Drama Awards (Best non-English Language Drama Series) UK – Ettor och nollor The Fat and the Angry 2014
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Second season of ‘Snabba Cash’ greenlit

Netflix has announced a second season of the hugely successful and critically acclaimed Swedish original series Snabba Cash, inspired by Jens Lapidus’ novel of the same title. Season 2 will be written by Oskar Söderlund and directed by Jesper Ganslandt, who are also the creators and show runners behind the series. Aron Levander and Mona Masri will join as episode writers. The series is produced by Nicklas Wikström Nicastro for SF Studios in collaboration with Strive Stories.

Evin Ahmad (Dröm Vidare, Quicksand), will once again play the leading role of Leya. Season 2 will continue the thrilling story of Leya’s life as she navigates the contrasting worlds of ruthless start-up environments and Stockholm’s underworld.

“With Snabba Cash Season 1, we wanted to tell a modern story through characters that, though they commit morally ambiguous acts, share the same feelings and dreams as many of us. We are overwhelmed that so many people have taken our series to their hearts. But the coolest thing of all is that a lot of people have felt they finally have been represented in a big drama series. That is truly the finest reward of all,” says Jesper Ganslandt, director, and Oskar Söderlund, head writer.

Outstanding reviews for ‘Snabba Cash’

Snabba Cash will have its global Netflix premiere on Wednesday April 7, and the anticipated series has already received great praise in the Scandinavian press. Snabba Cash is written and created by Oskar Söderlund together with Jens Lapidus, and directed by Jesper Ganslandt.

“Engaging, intense, irresistible. Netflix’s Snabba Cash will be a huge hit with viewers. /…/ Whatever you may think, you are not ready for Netflix’s Snabba Cash.”
Expressen ★★★★

Snabba Cash is not only well-written and well-acted, but also offers some of the most action-packed and intense episodes in Swedish television history.”
Filmtopp.se ★★★★

“The acting is truly excellent across the board. /…/ Snabba Cash is an intense and captivating serial interpretation of Jens Lapidus’ universe, which keeps you glued to the screen through all six episodes.”
Soundvenue ★★★★★

“The creators know how to twist the plot and create suspense. I’m eager to watch the next episode. And the one after that.”
Svenska Dagbladet ★★★★

“The new Snabba Cash is the TV series which succeeds in giving us as much authenticity as its predecessors, while delivering unfiltered action at a high level. /… / The intense suspense that the well-packaged episodes offer lasts all the way from the first frame to the last.”
Moviezine ★★★★

Snabba Cash is a modern and unsentimental depiction of the pursuit for more. /…/ You can practically touch the nerve and the all-encompassing feel of unease in this very successful reboot.”
Nöjesguiden ★★★★

“With genious camera work […] the series about Swedish gang environments elevates itself to a dark portrait of a society at the breaking point. /…/ Söderlund juggles freely and boldly with the three destinies and offers both parallels and contrasts between them.”
Filmmagasinet Ekko ★★★★★

“Oskar Söderlund and director Jesper Ganslandt are absolutely spot-on with the characters. /…/ [Snabba Cash] delivers one of this year’s strongest experiences. /…/ It is brutal, super tight, greedy and loaded with betrayal. Just like life itself.”
Onyanserat ★★★★

Interview with the creators of ‘Snabba Cash’

Hear the creators Oskar Söderlund, Jens Lapidus, Jesper Ganslandt and actor Evin Ahmad discuss the anticipated Netflix series Snabba Cash in this exclusive interview.

Snabba Cash premieres on Netflix April 7.

Teaser trailer release for ‘Snabba Cash’

The highly anticipated series Snabba Cash (Easy Money) is a reboot of the hugely successful trilogy of feature films based on the Stockholm Noir books by Jens Lapidus.

The series is written and created by Oskar Söderlund together with Jens Lapidus, and directed by Jesper Ganslandt.

The show will launch exclusively on Netflix April 7.

Photo: Johan Bergmark/Netflix

Netflix original series ‘Easy Money’ now filming

The shooting of Easy Money, the Swedish Netflix original series, is underway in Stockholm. The show is a reboot of the hugely successful trilogy of feature films based on the Stockholm Noir books by Jens Lapidus. The series will take place ten years after the events of the feature film Easy Money – Life Deluxe (2013), and will follow Leya, a young single mom trying to make it within the startup scene and becomes entangled in the criminal world.

Jesper Ganslandt is directing, with Nicklas Wikström Nicastro producing for SF Studios. The series is written and created by Oskar Söderlund together with Jens Lapidus, who’s also serving as the executive producer. Among the show's episode writers we find Mona Masri.

Evin Ahmad, known from the feature film Dröm Vidare (2017) and the two Netflix series Quicksand (2019) and The Rain season 2 (2019), is playing the lead. The cast also includes Alexander Abdallah, Ali Alarik, Olle Sarri and Dada Fungula Bozela as well as Jozef Wojciechowicz (Z.E).

Easy Money will premiere on Netflix in 2021.

‘Rebecka Martinsson’ season 2 premiere

The second season of the successful TV series Rebecka Martinsson premieres today on C More and May 6 on TV4. Karin Arrhenius and Oskar Söderlund are head writers of this season, which is freely based on Åsa Larssons’s novels, and directed by Fredrik Edfeldt and Andrea Östlund.

‘Rebecka Martinsson’ season 2 to premiere in April

In the upcoming season, Rebecka Martinsson has moved into her grandmother’s house in Kurravaara, where she now works as a prosecutor. The relocation to her childhood home forces Rebecka to face her past. What really happened to her as a child, when she decided to leave her father and move in with her grandmother? While Rebecka wrestles with her past, we get to follow her as she heedlessly throws herself into case after case.

Season 2 is written by Karin Arrhenius and Oskar Söderlund, freely based on Åsa Larssons’s novels, and directed by Fredrik Edfeldt and Andrea Östlund.

The crime drama series will premiere April 27 on C More and May 6 on TV4.

Photo: Johan EL Eriksson & Pierre Björk

‘Easy Money’ becomes a Netflix original series

Today Netflix announced Easy Money, a brand new six-part original series from acclaimed screenwriter Oscar Söderlund and bestselling author Jens Lapidus.

The new Netflix original series is set in the buzzing start-up scene of Stockholm and takes place ten years after the events of the feature film Easy Money – Life Deluxe (2013). The hunger for status and money is stronger than ever and the criminal world has become even more brutal, chaotic and ruthless. When the criminal and business worlds collide, loyalty, friendships and partners will all be tested in the never-ending quest for easy money.

Tesha Crawford, Director of International Originals Northern Europe: “We are so excited to announce this new Swedish series and to bring the world from this much loved movie back to life in a fresh and exciting way. To do this, we are fortunate to work with some amazing Swedish creatives. We have full confidence in Oscar and Jens and their vision for this new chapter of Easy Money and we have an incredibly strong partner in SF Studios.”

The much-awaited TV series is produced by SF Studios and will be shot in Sweden during 2020.

Photo: Tove Risberg/TV4

‘Rebecka Martinsson’ renewed for a second season

TV4 and C More have announced the renewal of Rebecka Martinsson for a second season. The popular crime drama series, based on Åsa Larsson’s novels revolving around lawyer Rebecka Martinsson, is produced by Yellow Bird.

Karin Arrhenius and Oskar Söderlund are the writers for the second season and Fredrik Edfeldt has assumed the role of concept director. Actress Sascha Zacharias (Modus, Beck) has taken over the role of protagonist Rebecka Martinsson. The series is currently filming and the premiere is slated for 2020 on TV4 and C More.

‘Greyzone’ lauded in the UK

The thriller drama series Greyzone, created and written by Oskar Söderlund together with Morten Dragsted and Rasmus Thorsen, has received great attention in British press. The series was among else chosen by The Times as a Critic's Choice, and received great praise also in Entertainment Focus and The Telegraph.

“It’s a tense, intelligent and thought-provoking drama; one for fans of Homeland as well as Scandi dramas.”
The Times

Greyzone is a poignant and absorbing series which raises moral dilemmas and heartbeats alike. /…/ a must-watch.”
Entertainment Focus

“[An] edge-of-the-seat thriller that explores the moral grey area (or grey zone) of, among other things, the captor-hostage relationship.”
The Telegraph

Photo: C More

‘Greyzone’ to air in the UK this year

Walter Presents, a Channel 4-backed drama service, has acquired the thriller Greyzone and will air the Cosmo Film-produced series later this year. Greyzone is created and written by Oskar Söderlund together with Morten Dragsted and Rasmus Thorsen.

Walter Presents co-founder and curator Walter Luzzolino said: “After being boxed for too many years into the ‘dead girl and moody detective’ corner, Scandi drama is in the midst of a sensational phase of creative reinvention. Greyzone is a perfect example of this: an ambitious, glossy and utterly compelling thriller which completely subverts the Homeland-style premise of a terrorist plot to tell the powerful and affecting story of the ambiguous relationship between a hostage and her captor.”

Greyzone premiered in February on the Swedish broadcaster TV4’s streaming service C More and on the Danish broadcaster TV2. The series has received outstanding reviews.

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‘Greyzone’ lauded by the Swedish press

Oskar Söderlund’s new thriller drama series Greyzone, which premiered yesterday, February 22, has received outstanding reviews in the Swedish press. The series has among else been praised by the major newspapers and publications Aftonbladet, Expressen, Göteborgs-Posten and TVdags.

“It is a difficult and precarious topic that Oskar Söderlund and Morten Dragsted take on in Greyzone, but I’ll be damned if they haven’t succeeded in creating a drama about terrorism with both nerve and perceptiveness.”

“C More’s new original series Greyzone deserves to become a success.”

“Brilliant acting and high aspirations that challenge our preconceptions. See it!”

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