Snabba Cash

Snabba Cash

The new Netflix original series is set in the buzzing start-up scene of Stockholm and takes place ten years after the events of the feature film Easy Money – Life Deluxe (2013). The hunger for status and money is stronger than ever and the criminal world has become even more brutal, chaotic and ruthless. When the criminal and business worlds collide, loyalty, friendships and partners will all be tested in the never-ending quest for easy money.


Ria Awards Nominee (Best Scripted Series) Sweden 2022
Kristallen Award Nominee (Best Drama) Sweden 2021
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  • “This is a TV series you absolutely cannot miss! Watch it now on Netflix!”


    Filmparadiset, Sweden

  • “A sense of impending revelation, as well as doom, is ever-present. /…/ Principal screenwriter Oskar Söderlund and director Jesper Ganslandt bring an urgency to the Jens Lapidus novel of 2006, along with significant changes, while retaining the central idea that people desperate to escape themselves will do desperate things.”

    Wall Street Journal, US

  • An unsentimental dance of death. /…/ The result is a forsaken, and at the same time, rousing snapshot; a dark portrait of society that balances clichés but never stops feeling for its unlucky children.


    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • The creators know how to twist the plot and create suspense. I’m eager to watch the next episode. And the one after that.”


    Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • The acting is truly excellent across the board. /…/ Snabba Cash is an intense and captivating serial interpretation of Jens Lapidus’ universe, which keeps you glued to the screen through all six episodes.


    Soundvenue, Denmark

  • Snabba Cash is not only well-written and well-acted, but also offers some of the most action-packed and intense episodes in Swedish television history.

    ★★★★, Sweden

  • The new Snabba Cash is the TV series which succeeds in giving us as much authenticity as its predecessors, while delivering unfiltered action at a high level. /… / The intense suspense that the well-packaged episodes offer lasts all the way from the first frame to the last.


    Moviezine, Sweden

  • Full throttle in a complete reboot of Snabba Cash. /…/ A skillfully told TV series. /…/ It’s often problematic to portray people in vulnerable positions […] but here they’ve succeeded in creating genuine feelings for the people who commit horrible crimes. 


    Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden

  • Oskar Söderlund and director Jesper Ganslandt are absolutely spot-on with the characters. /…/ [Snabba Cash] delivers one of this year’s strongest experiences. /…/ It is brutal, super tight, greedy and loaded with betrayal. Just like life itself.”


    Onyanserat, Sweden

  • Engaging, intense, irresistible. Netflix’s Snabba Cash will be a huge hit with viewers. /…/ Whatever you may think, you are not ready for Netflix’s Snabba Cash


    Expressen, Sweden

  • Snabba Cash is a modern and unsentimental depiction of the pursuit for more. /…/ You can practically touch the nerve and the all-encompassing feel of unease in this very successful reboot.


    Nöjesguiden, Sweden

  • With genious camera work […] the series about Swedish gang environments elevates itself to a dark portrait of a society at the breaking point. /…/ Söderlund juggles freely and boldly with the three destinies and offers both parallels and contrasts between them.


    Filmmagasinet Ekko, Denmark

Photo: Jacob Hansen Jesper Ganslandt
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